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Supporting IT Service Providers

With Industry-Leading MSP Training

It seems like a new managed service provider (MSP) launches every day – with new services and a compelling business plan. Yet, many IT solutions providers often fail to meet their potential when they transition to managed services.

If finding leads, qualifying prospects and converting customers are among the greatest challenges your organization is facing, what you really need is expert MSP training. TruMethods understands that marketing and sales are the driving factors behind a world-class IT service provider, which is why our business training has helped so many MSPs achieve success.


Boost Your Business With FormulaWon

TruMethods’ FormulaWon program provides a proven, repeatable process that helps you take the right approach to becoming a successful MSP. Improve key elements of your business, such as:

  • Leadership
  • Solution Packaging
  • Sales Process
  • Results Tracking


Reduce IT Tickets

Are you drowning in IT tickets and having to deal with problems as they occur? It may seem like there’s no alternative to this reactionary approach, but the right proactive, process-driven methodology has the power to revolutionize your MSP process. Ease the burden of seemingly endless tickets, and provide your customers with the services they need in order to grow their business.


Increase Profitability

The key to MSP success is adding new managed service agreements every month. TruMethods has developed and tested every methodology within our industry-leading MSP training program. Our training ensures predictable sales growth, soaring margins and increased net worth.

Meet Gary

Gary Pica is a pioneer in the managed services field. His company, Dynamic Digital Services, was an “early to market” IT service provider that quickly became one of the fastest-growing MSPs in the country. Dynamic Digital Services grew into a multimillion-dollar managed service practice with over 7,000 endpoints under management.

Pica has discovered what works and what doesn’t. Through TruMethods, he shares the key practices that have grown his business, using them to help other MSPs reach their full potential.

Meet The Team


Bob Penland

Chief Technology Officer

Bob Penland is a visionary in managed services technology. An accomplished IT services professional, Bob has substantial experience designing, building and operating large-scale delivery departments for companies including Dynamic Digital Services, mindSHIFT Technologies and Kaseya.

It was through these engagements that he met Gary Pica, and a shared passion for MSP success was born. Bob was a key contributor to Gary’s vision as he revolutionized managed services sales, and he now brings that insight and expertise to bear as he drives TruMethods’ technology initiatives and delivers industry-leading best practices to FormulaWon members.


Susan Pica

Vice President Of Operations & Finance

Susan handles the day-to-day operations and support for TruMethods. She is responsible for event planning, customer support and subscription management.


Tim Fitzpatrick

Director Of Business Development

Tim Fitzpatrick is an MSP sales expert. With over 15 years of experience in the MSP industry, working for the top MSPs in the United States, Tim brings his unique skills to TruMethods to help our members be more successful in sales.



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