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Breaking Through Impact Zones

Hitting plateaus is part of life. We’ve all been there before, right? Things are going well, and then all of a sudden we’re coasting — awaiting the next climb. These natural places in business and life where people and businesses get stuck are what I call impact zones.

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Tax Reform: 3 Tips IT Providers Need To Know


There’s been a lot of discussion in the news about the impact of the new tax reform law on businesses, in particular — small businesses. Being that the majority of MSPs are small businesses, the legislation’s implications are of the utmost interest to many of us at the moment. The tax overhaul will impact every business — big or small. But if you learn anything at all from this blog post, it should be the following: MSPs should understand tax implications all time — not just when there’s a major change to the law.

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5 Communication Strategies To Improve Long-Term Client Relationships


The quality of your customer relationships can determine the long-term success of your business. The key is good communication. The more effectively you communicate with your clients, the better your long-term relationships will be.

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5 Resolutions Every Top MSP Makes (And That You Should, Too)


Lots of IT service providers dream of becoming a World Class MSP. So, what's holding them back?

Maybe they’re drowning in IT tickets or fighting to get monthly recurring revenue up. These are problems that many small to mid-size managed service providers face.

But, there are several characteristics that all top MSPs have in common. By adopting these approaches, you could set your business apart, too.

Focus on these five resolutions and incorporate them into your daily operations to make strides toward becoming a World Class MSP.

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Take A Number: Getting IT Tickets Down And MSP Productivity Up


One of the most frequent complaints from MSPs is that they are drowning under a pile of IT tickets. You probably understand this pain all too well. Maybe your employees are working through a high number of tickets per day, yet they still face more fires to put out.

More IT tickets lead to increased stress and less profitability. Learn how to combat these high numbers with the following actions.  

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How Proactive Network Management Transforms MSPs


“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

We’ve all heard this saying countless times – and maybe it rings true in some cases. But, when it comes to managed service providers and their interaction with clients, this is a counterproductive approach. 

Unfortunately, it’s how most MSPs operate. You wait for a ticket to come in, telling you something is broken, instead of preemptively updating, managing and maintaining your clients’ systems.

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Too Many IT Tickets? Cut The Numbers With MSP Training


A daily overflow of IT tickets makes running an MSP a frustrating effort. Instead of having time to work on the business, your most valuable employees are focused on responding to low-value IT issues under tight time constraints.

But, what if you were to discover that top managed service providers spend far less time responding to tickets than average MSPs (and that they see higher profitability, too)?

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Why Top Managed Service Providers Profit (And You Don’t)


To stand out among the competition, top managed service providers do more than simply bundle their services and manage clients.

In a marketplace where every MSP has access to the same resources, IT solutions providers have to be extraordinary if they’re going to differentiate themselves.

What does that mean? It means you must transform your organization into a World Class MSP. This is the path to profitability. Let’s break down how to get there. 

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