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  • Do you struggle each month to find new clients?
  • Would you like to earn more revenue from the services you provide?
  • Would you like to develop recurring monthly revenue streams that reduce overhead costs, boost profits and encourage long-term growth?


The truth is, as an IT Service Provider, you know technology inside and out. Yet when it comes to implementing effective pricing and sales strategies, you often fall short.

You're busy servicing your existing clients, putting out fires each and every day. You don't have time to worry about getting new clients or you may already feel overextended with the clients you have.

So you get stuck -- surviving from month to month, but unable to boost your profits or grow your business for the long-term.

What you need is a robust, systematic approach to getting clients and selling services.

My name is Gary Pica, owner of TruMethods and I want to show you a new way to do business that will increase your profits and establish a strong foundation for long-term growth.

You see, I was an IT Service Provider for more than 20 years and built the most successful Managed Service Provider in North America, using the same methods I'm about to teach you.

I've been through the challenges that you are about to face and I know firsthand the benefits of moving from a break-fix model to a more proactive recurring revenue model in the IT industry.


The break / fix model typically adopted by most IT Service Providers is inconsistent and unpredictable and doesn't help you establish a strong foundation for business expansion. This model simply requires too much hand-holding and maintenance to be effective over the long-term.

It goes something like this...

You get new clients when they need help - you fix their issues - they pay you and you move on.

Some of those clients become regular customers and call you when other things break and they pay you again.

Can you see how this model does not allow you to adequately plan how much revenue you'll bring in each month?

It's woefully inconsistent and dependent on circumstances YOU don't control!

Now imagine a new way of doing business that:
  • Creates predictable and consistent revenue
  • Offers a proven, simple way to get new clients
  • Streamlines processes that lead to increased profitability
  • Enhances your ability to grow due to better organization and service delivery strategies
  • Creates less stress about if or when you will achieve your revenue and profitability goals
  • Offers better revenue foundations to help you survive economic downturns
  • Offers easy day-to-day management and less fires to put out
  • Aligns your business goals with your customer's goals

Interested? I can help get your business moving in the right direction! Call me today at 1-856-316-4900 to elevate your revenue and your business potential!


During my time as an IT Service Provider, I developed proprietary processes I'll share with you that will give you a specific structure to move your business forward.

With my guidance, you will carefully plan each step of your transition to a stronger, more systematic business model. My unparalleled knowledge of this market will help you anticipate any challenges and create immediate, effective solutions for any obstacles.

In addition, my methods will give you invaluable insights, techniques and secrets that will catapult you far ahead of your competition.

My FormulaWon program provides an extensive wealth of knowledge, giving you critical tools to develop managed services and monthly recurring revenue.


  • Package your service offerings with clear, compelling value propositions.
  • Implement a predicatable sales engine that requires NO prior sales experience
  • Add monthly recurring revenue consistently
  • Increase margins and net profit.
  • Increase business discipline and operational efficiencies.

Whether you are a new IT Service Provider or a veteran of the industry, my powerful strategies will work for you!

By using my FormulaWon system, you should be able to galvanize the evolution of your business and achieve your revenue and profitability goals in as little as 12 months.


  • Get clients even when they're not in pain or in emergency (It's easy to sign a client with a broken server, but I can show you how "happy" prospects will buy your services too!)
  • Raise your prices
  • Increase revenue from existing clients
  • Beat your competitors without competing on price
  • Position your company for sustainable growth
  • Make your clients happy by providing the service they need BEFORE they need it

Ready to make the switch to a more profitable business model? Call me today at 1-856-316-4900 to get started!


See if any of these scenarios sound familiar:

"There's only 24 hours in a day. I don't have the time to do this right now."

"I have too many projects going on at the moment to make changes now."

"I don't have my operations just right to bring on a lot of new business."

"I have a lot of other obligations."

"I want to keep my current clients happy."

"I'm not sure if I have the right staff to take on a new program."

"I don't need a million dollar salary."

If any of the above situations sound like you, I'm willing to bet I can help you even more than you can imagine right now. It is precisely because of these challenges that I began looking for a better way to run my IT business.

It took years of trial and error to develop the strategies that I've developed for IT Service Providers just like you.

So you have a choice.

You can continue on the path you are on and all the above scenarios will continue for the forseeable future.

Or you can embrace a NEW way of running your business that will benefit you, your employees and your clients long-term.

My system provides the specific, hard-hitting solutions you need to improve your business, starting from day-one.

You won't find these strategies anywhere else and it would take years of trial and error to find them on your own.

My proven system ensures that the powerful concepts I'll teach you will translate into tangible results. The longer you wait, the more headaches you'll have to endure before you finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Call me today to get your IT business moving in the right direction!


Gary Pica

See what other successful MSPs are saying about what the TruMethods team can do for your company:
- Adam Zweibel, Alpha Technology Group

"I learned of Gary Pica and his company, TruMethods, earlier this year and signed up for the FormulaWon program immediately. What drew me to the program was that I could relate to every challenge Gary was talking about; he was talking about me! Not only has TruMethods provided the vision to overcome these challenges, but the FormulaWon program has also provided the steps necessary to make that vision a reality. Because of TruMethods and the FormulaWon program I have added $48,000 of annual recurring revenue in October alone! I now have a process in place that will allow me to grow my company and meet my goals."
- René Miller, Ener Systems

- Tom Zarrella, Technology Advisory Group

"The FormulaWon program from TruMethods has shown me that I can predictably add new monthly recurring revenue if I follow its process. Before FormulaWon, I was never able to consistently add recurring revenue every month. Since joining the FormulaWon program I have added new customers for the last four months straight, totaling $102,000 of annual recurring revenue. With as much success as I've had with the program I know that if I stay committed to the process I can do even better in the coming months and years."
- James Ford, ActiveCo Computer Solutions

- David Bryden, Stonehill

"Gary Pica has been very successful in helping others build their managed services practice. He has a unique talent for coaching sales people and employs a fresh approach to delivering and differentiating how services are delivered. He's been a valuable resource for RIATA as we've grown our practice."
- Tommy Wald, President & CEO, RIATA Technologies

- Shael Risman, PACE Technical Services

"Gary is a very accomplished, results oriented business leader. His knowledge and experiences in successfully growing and managing a leading service provider created a strong baseline. Those who have the advantage of knowing Gary, understand that his true strengths are in the quality of his mentoring. I consider Gary a great teacher and mentor!"
- Scott Goemmel, Owner, PMV Technologies

- David Cross, Elevative Networks

"I met Gary Pica in 2004. At that time I had been running my own company for nearly five years but had grown stagnant. Gary took me in as a mentor and I embraced the ideas he taught me. As a numbers guy, I'll simply state the facts. Since I met Gary, my company has tripled our revenues without any outside investment. In October of 2008, we were listed as the 46th fastest growing private company in the San Francisco Bay area. Furthermore, we are amongst the industries leaders in terms of our profit margins. I can directly attribute our success to the rigorous implementation of principals learned from Gary. If your company could use a boost, I highly recommend TruMethods!
- Michael Chaput, CEO, Endsight

- Eric Rieger - WEBIT Services

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