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The Power Of 'What If?'

Goal setting is something many MSPs struggle with. We’ve always been told to set attainable goals in business, but what if we didn’t? What if we challenged ourselves by setting goals outside of our own comfort zones? What do you think would happen then?

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Develop Your Quarterly Action Plan Today

Without forward movement, your business plan is just a bunch of words, numbers and punctuation marks on paper. It’s practically meaningless when you think about it. It’s like having an outline for a book you’re never going to write. You need to keep yourself in check (in other words, hold yourself accountable). You can do this by developing a quarterly action plan and following through on new business goals every few months.

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The Real Reason Why You Should Set Goals

The goal-setting process has been an important part of my life for over 30 years. At the 2017 TruMethods member conference, Schnizzfest, our guest speaker was Matt Michalewicz, the author of Life in Half a Second: How to Achieve Success Before It’s Too Late. Matt is an amazing speaker and a great person, and his message at the conference was very powerful. In fact, I was so moved by his presentation, I have asked all my TruMethods members to read Life in Half a Second and implement the goal pyramid process that is taught in the book.  

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