Coming Soon: FormulaWon Training Portal Gets A Facelift

What prompted an upgrade to the FormulaWon Training Portal?

The last time our members portal saw an update was in 2015. We felt that in the last five years, the technology behind the portal and the needs of our members have changed and we need to keep up by updating the site from multiple angles. Also, with the increased onboarding of new members in our FormulaWon program, myITprocess, and TruPeer, the portal is destined to become a hub for user training, live and recorded events, and member forums.

Will there be upgrades to the Training content? How will the functionality be improved?

Our training section is receiving a complete overhaul. Users will notice drastic alterations in how Tracks are laid out on the page, color-coding by delivery area, and multiple filtering options. Details on what users should expect to see are:

  • Visual improvements to the layout of tracks and modules. All training content is displayed using a card system to give our members more information on the track like title, a brief description, number of lessons and hours, and their current progress.
  • Cards will have color-coding to differentiate between the different delivery areas. For instance, Tracks in the Owner category will have a purple border, vCIO and TAM a blue border, and so on.
  • Numerous filtering and sorting options allow members to focus on topics based on their preferences. Users can filter tracks by tag or by category, while also sorting by alphabet, newest, and most recent. (Playlist functionality is available in a near-future update).

Lesson Page

Another new feature we are excited to announce is Playlists. A member has the option to save training lessons, podcasts, and recorded webinars to their own customer playlist to watch later. Better yet, playlists can be shared to other members of your organization.

Training pages have received a complete overhaul thanks to LearnDash, our new Learning Manager System (LMS). View your training video while accessing individual lessons on the right panel. Download supplemental training material on the same page, and even ask a question for the TruMethods team using the Q&A panel (coming soon).

Will the portal look visually different?

The first upgrade our members will experience is the new look and feel of the portal. Every page is designed from the ground up with the user experience in mind, putting the information you are looking for all in one place. For instance, the homepage now includes:

  • Training module: see your current training progress and continue where you left off. You can even view the latest and most popular tracks.
  • Events module: access webinars and add them to your calendar, view past webinar recordings, and listen to podcasts.
  • Top Conversation: check out the most active conversations happening in the members forums with quick access to each thread.
  • Recent replies: view a list of recent replies in the member forums and join the conversation.


We’ve updated the portal’s color scheme to match the TruMethods website.

The new Tune In section is home to our company webinars, podcasts, and events. Feel free to check out an upcoming webinar or watch one from the day before.

How will the Search option be enhanced?

A new search engine finds information in real-time and lists color-coded results, making it easier to find the topics that interest you.

Search will now find items across the site to match your search terms. For example, if you’re interested in learning about Technology Success, search results include webinars, podcasts, Tracks, or even articles.

New filtering options allow you to narrow your search using categories, tags, and dates.

When can users expect to see these updates?

We are currently looking for a production release to all members this summer. The homepage and training page redesign will be complete at launch with the other pages rolling out over the course of this year.

What is the main goal of these changes? Why should users be excited about these enhancements?

The new portal was designed with user experience in mind. We wanted members to log in and access the most amount of content possible from a single page. Improving the overall speed and responsiveness of the site was a goal to reduce the time between page views. We hope the new design is more visually appealing, more user friendly, and accessed more frequently.

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