New FormulaWon Training Content: MSP Cyber Security

I have some awesome news! We’ve added a new content track to our FormulaWon training portal, called MSP Cyber Security.

There are seven videos so far and more will be added soon. The track currently includes six recorded sessions from a recent Cyber Resilience Workshop that we did. The content covers topics like cyber resilience, developing an incident response plan, as well as an IR tabletop. 

There is also a go-to-market panel and two technical sessions. Plus, a seven-minute MSP sales call roleplay that I recorded as part of The Cyber Call. If you’d like to tune in to the weekly Cyber Call sessions, you can register here.

Over the next few months, we will be recording additional offline content to add and really round out this track. A lot of things are moving fast right now in the MSP space, and security is one of them. Because of this, it can be hard for MSPs to adapt.

You already have a small business that needs to be good at a lot of things. You have to be good at professional services. You have to be good at delivering centralized services, the process of alignment, vCIO, and support. Now, overlay the quickly moving changes in security, which require you to operate every delivery area a little bit differently: discipline, hygiene, and governance compliance

We’re going to continue to stay close to these changes and build content and resources to guide you forward, improve your MSP value proposition and build your MSP business.

Here’s the reality. We’ve been talking here at TruMethods about having defined delivery areas and functions about process and metrics for a long time. Now, you can’t secure yourself or your customers without this level of command and without having a concrete MSP framework. This is a great opportunity for every TruMethods member. 

FormulaWon portal users should check out the track and see who on your team needs to consume the content right away. Stay tuned for updates on upcoming content!

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