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Are You Seeking Validation Or Truth?

I’ve given hundreds of speeches at industry events over the years. More often than not — and I’m not bragging — there’s a line of people waiting to speak to me after a presentation (and it’s usually not because of something I said on stage). Surprisingly, many of them stand in line to voice their own perspectives on the industry to me — even when they know their views run contrary to the advice I give. Are these people looking to pick a fight with me? No, they’re simply doing what we do every day — seek validation.

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Are Your Delivery Areas Communicating?

Try not to look at delivery areas as silos within your organization. Yes, each delivery area has its own responsibilities — that’s true — but delivery areas also work collectively to propel you and your clients forward. Silos hinder communication within any business. It’s up to you to break them down and prevent them from rising back up in the future.

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Are You A Coaster Or A Virtuoso?

Not everybody’s cut out for awesomeness. Deciding to become awesome (or a virtuoso, someone who’s at the top of his craft) is the first step to leading a better life — and that’s good for business. While the journey to awesomeness is different for everyone, there are things all TruMethods members should consider before transitioning from coaster to virtuoso.


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Positivity: The Best Way To Start Unlocking Your Potential

Sometimes selling requires you to shift your mindset. Not everything’s going to go according to plan. When it doesn’t, it’s best to adapt to the situation at hand by calling an audible and making the appropriate adjustments. None of this can happen without something I’ve been harping on for years (you know exactly what I’m talking about, and I know you’re probably sick of me saying it, but let me repeat it) — a positive mindset.

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3 Mistakes To Avoid When Creating MSP Agreements

You’re signing new business agreements every month. But, when was the last time you stopped to look at how these agreements are actually impacting your business?

These documents have the power to boost your profitability if done right – or send your business into a reactive spiral of death if handled incorrectly. So, what should an MSP business agreement accomplish?

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MSP Smart Numbers: Profitability Metrics You Should Track

All World Class MSPs take special interest in their cost drivers. Where are the funds being spent, and what expenditures could be eliminated? This is a major part of gaining command over your business.

What does it mean to gain command? It’s about having a 360-degree view of your MSP profitability – how you package and price your offerings, the impact of your service delivery and the profit margins you generate. When you pay attention to these key aspects of your business, you gain the knowledge to improve your operations. And, by working to gain command of your business, you reap three important benefits.

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