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In Times of Crisis, Your MSP Leads Are Closer Than You Think

I think we can all agree that the COVID-19 pandemic has presented MSPs with a range of new business opportunities, particularly in the cybersecurity space. Instead of trying to have conversations with prospects about why implementing enhanced security measures is essential, why not have candid discussions with business leaders you connect with on a regular basis?

You may not know this about me, but I do enjoy smoking the occasional cigar. So, during the pandemic, I decided it’d be a good idea to meet up with some friends of mine once a week to sit outside, enjoy the beautiful weather, smoke a socially distant cigar and talk shop.

At one of our more recent gatherings, I began asking questions about how the pandemic has impacted them and their businesses. We went around the circle and discussed some of the changes and pivots we had to make to keep our shops up and running. But, at some point during the conversation, we began talking about our employees and what it’s like having them work from home.

So, naturally, I started asking my friends questions about the technologies they were using, how their employees were accessing their networks, the types of security measures they put in place — and it quickly became apparent to me that all my friends had taken on additional security risks when shifting their employees to remote work.

When I asked my friends questions about how their vendors handled certain security situations or the conversations their vendors had with them around the changes made to their systems and networks to accommodate remote work, my friends moved further and further up in their seats.

Of course, they had no idea what I was talking about.

I finally ended the discussion by finding out how many employees each of them had and what each of them were spending on IT, and used price as a gap to explain why all of them had some maybe serious potential issues.

With the significant changes being made in the way we do business and the ever-evolving IT cyber threat landscape becoming increasingly complex, there are plenty of opportunities for MSPs to uncover pain in a way that business people really understand.

And, oftentimes, your leads are closer than you think. They’re usually sitting around the fire with you.

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Creating an MSP Incident Response Plan? Here’s Some Advice

The best way to ensure things go from bad to worse for your MSP clients is to not have an incident response (IR) plan in place when you’re hit with a cyberattack.

And many MSPs don’t have an IR plan to follow for one simple reason: They don’t know how to develop one. To make things easier for them, Chris Loehr, EVP of Solis Security, and Wes Spencer, CISO of Perch Security, recently joined me on a webinar to discuss what MSPs should know about IR plans.

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| Author Gary Pica, tagged in top MSP, cybersecurity risk management, MSP security, cybersecurity

Wanted: Trustworthy Guidance from a Security Professional

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, companies are facing the dual challenges of supporting employees working from home while absorbing the fallout from the associated economic downturn. Although economies are slowly re-opening around the world, it’s unclear just how long it will take to get back to where it was before the shutdown.

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| Author Michael Mowder, Senior Director, Global Partner Success at Barracuda MSP, tagged in cybersecurity risk management, IT security, MSP security, cybersecurity

MSP Templates for a Best Practices Cybersecurity Assessment

If you have not heard about cybersecurity online, in print, or on the news in the last 10 years, exactly how safe are your customers? Cybersecurity has become a serious topic for businesses and consumers. And unfortunately, cyber threats are set aside in favor of other initiatives and become a bigger problem in the long run.

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| Author TruMethods Standards Manager, Brian Dappolone, tagged in IT standards, IT security, MSP security, cybersecurity

Is Your MSP Compliant?

In a COVID-19 world there is a lot to think about and focus on.  The most important thing to always keep in mind is the safety of our family and friends, but for better or worse we still have to think about being business owners.  Clients need to be able to work from home and MSPs need to make sure we can pay the bills and stay on track with processes.  Economic, emotional, and social instability like this is something that nefarious groups can easily exploit.  We have already seen an upshift in hacking, ransomware, and malware attacks on everyone those people can reach, and it is likely to get worse.  What do we do to make sure we are protected?

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End User Cyber Security Risks and Training Options

In today’s IT environments productivity is necessary, uptime is essential, and security is critical. The latest hardware and software provide layers of protection in hopes of preventing cyber attacks. The newest technology causes most IT providers to forget the weakest link: the end user.

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| Author TruMethods Standards Manager, Brian Dappolone, tagged in MSP training, cybersecurity risk management, email security, cybersecurity

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