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MSP Business Owner Psychosis

Even before the pandemic, as a business owner, it was easy to get caught up in always being focused on the future — the next month, the next plan, the next hill to climb. Now, with everything going on in the world today, living in the moment and appreciating everything life has to offer can be even more of a struggle for MSP owners. Because of this, it can be hard to enjoy the present. 

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Hope is Not A Strategy

To achieve your goals for 2021, you need to truly understand your current situation. Are you being truly proactive and creating leverage in your business model? What are your drivers of success? What will you be doing differently this year to increase your MRR? Do you have a well thought out plan on how to change things? 

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The Power of Long-Term Net Worth Goals

When I ask MSPs to share their business goals, they often reply with their revenue or sales goals. “We’re at two million today, but we want to hit 2.8 million in two years,” they say. When I ask individuals about their financial goals, they often share their income goals. “I make $60,000 today, and in so many years, I'd like to make $100,000,” they say. But here’s the thing: Setting business and personal goals is nearly impossible if your net worth goals aren’t clear.  

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How Are You Spending Your Time in Your MSP Role?

If you want to do more of something in your business (sell more, gain better results, improve processes), the first question you should ask yourself is: How do I spend my time?

Let’s focus on the sales goal for a moment. Let’s say a main goal for your business is to increase sales and add new MRR

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Staying Disciplined In Your MSP: Do You Have What It Takes?

The most successful people in life and business are certainly disciplined. Discipline is what keeps you on track, leads you to success, and helps you focus on achieving the goals, aspirations and milestones you set for yourself throughout your life. But not everybody has what it takes to build self-discipline — it’s a struggle for many. 

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