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Becoming a Data-Driven MSP

It’s one thing to talk about being data-driven; it’s another to actually bring about that enlightened state. Along the way, you’ll run into all sorts of problems – not enough data, dirty data, too much data, and trying to figure out how to use the data you have. Yet, when you start to put into place all the things you need, you’ll find that your decision making becomes sharper, your outcomes start getting better, and you’ll have a lot more confidence along the way.

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Return on Luck: How Do You View ‘Luck’ Events?

You've heard me talk about the concept of ROL, or return on luck, over the years. I first read about the concept of return on luck in the book "Great by Choice,” where Jim Collins discusses the long-term impact of luck events, both good and bad. He found that companies had the same amount of these types of events over a decade. But the companies that were able to react differently to both good and bad luck events got to the top of the industry. I feel the biggest turning points in my business career came from what others called “bad luck” events.

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Coming Soon: FormulaWon Training Portal Gets A Facelift

What prompted an upgrade to the FormulaWon Training Portal?

The last time our members portal saw an update was in 2015. We felt that in the last five years, the technology behind the portal and the needs of our members have changed and we need to keep up by updating the site from multiple angles. Also, with the increased onboarding of new members in our FormulaWon program, myITprocess, and TruPeer, the portal is destined to become a hub for user training, live and recorded events, and member forums.

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Remote Work is Here to Stay for SMBs

Over the past year, many organizations had to rapidly shift to a work-from-home model because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Although some of these companies were initially caught flat-footed, they soon found ways to enable better remote access to applications and networks. Many companies that had resisted remote work eventually discovered that productivity and employee satisfaction actually improved.

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| Author Michael Mowder, Senior Director, Global Partner Success at Barracuda MSP, tagged in MSP advice, COVID-19

How Much Should You Pay Your vCIO?

One of the most important roles in your organization is vCIO, for it encompasses a range of important responsibilities, including relationship management, client education, and life-cycle budgeting, many of which are essential to your organization’s successFinding someone who can consistently deliver results as your vCIO requires not only time, but also financial wherewithal.

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