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Are You A Proactive vCIO, Reactive vCIO, Or Just A vCO?

Being a truly proactive vCIO takes more than making a few basic recommendations about software renewals or hardware refreshes. A proactive vCIO provides high-level strategic advice to clients through the technical alignment process. How do you do this? You align your client’s technologies against your standards. Some examples of standards are legal and compliance requirements, security requirements, industry requirements, or business-specific requirements.

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Making Your Standards Come Alive

At TruMethods, we’re always trying to get you to do something — to start this or that. Even though we can be quite persistent at times, we mean well. We push because we want to see our members succeed; we want to watch them all (each and every one of you) grow. When it comes to standards, we’re always encouraging TruMethods members to develop and set standards for clients because standards keep your customers aligned — but there’s more than just overall development to the entire standardization process.  

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| Author TruMethods Product Specialist, Rob Danser, tagged in MSP process, IT standards

4 Process-Driven Actions That Increase MSP Profitability

If you want to increase the profitability of your business and enhance the services you provide to clients, you must take time to focus on your MSP processes. When you look at this aspect of your business and work to optimize operations, you begin to adopt an important characteristic that all top MSPs possess.

Ask yourself: Would my business and my clients’ businesses be better if my MSP operated with well-defined and streamlined processes? The answer is probably an emphatic yes.

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| Author Gary Pica, tagged in MSP process, IT process

How To Give Your MSP Business Planning Process A Face-Lift

Many IT service providers mistakenly create a business plan and assume they’re done, failing to develop a process for implementation. They may believe their time is better spent catching up on reactive work than engaging in business planning.

But, one of the most important characteristics of a World Class MSP is having a process-driven approach

If you’re eager to improve your business and reap the benefits of increased revenue and internal stability, your MSP business planning process is where you should start. With thorough and thoughtful business planning, you’re able to reduce your IT tickets significantly

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