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Technology Success and MSP Company Culture

As a TruMethods member, it is likely your Member Success Advisor has asked you and your team ‘how do you think the technology success process will improve personnel and company culture?’  Often this question stumps new members, as it is something that they have never considered.  After all, having great company culture is typically thought of as a ‘millennial’ thing, and so many companies, even MSPs, are a little more ‘old school’.  But company culture and Technology Success are inextricably woven together, and a healthy culture can really take a good company to greatness.

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| Author TruMethods Member Success Advisor, Heather Caporaso, tagged in top MSP, MSP processes, technology success, personal success

How Are You Spending Your Time in Your MSP Role?

If you want to do more of something in your business (sell more, gain better results, improve processes), the first question you should ask yourself is: How do I spend my time?

Let’s focus on the sales goal for a moment. Let’s say a main goal for your business is to increase sales and add new MRR

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| Author Gary Pica, tagged in MSP processes, msp sales, goal-setting, MSP competitive advantage, MSP sales tips

How MSPs Can Avoid Extinction by Evolving

Without a doubt, the MSP space is evolving, especially with the COVID-19 pandemic still in effect. Anyone who has been in our industry for as long as I have will tell you that. The bad news is many MSPs are stuck in the past. They haven’t realized yet where our industry is or where it is heading — nor do they currently have the necessary tools, resources and mindset to survive. It’s time these MSPs come to terms with the following hard truth. They need to evolve or be left behind. 

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The Secret Weapon of the vCIO Process

Is your MSP a Technology Success Practice (TSP)? A TSP understands the challenges and opportunities for building a strategic relationship with clients and focuses on the client’s success through the proactive management of technology. The vCIO role is one of the more important parts of a Technology Success Practice. The reason for this is because clients will take recommendations from someone with which they have a business value-added relationship much more easily than from someone who they see as ‘just a techie’ or ‘just a salesperson’. But the vCIO can’t do all of this on their own; they need their secret weapon, aka the Technology Alignment Manager (TAM) role.

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| Author TruMethods Member Success Advisor, Heather Caporaso, tagged in IT process, MSP processes, vCIO, technology success, reactive noise

Eliminate Tribal Knowledge in Your MSP

For those not familiar with the age-old classic of ‘whisper down the lane’, here is a refresher. Whisper down the lane is a game when someone whispers a phrase into someone’s ear and their job is to whisper it to someone else who then whispers it to someone else and so on. The more people there are the greater the chances of the message becoming altered during transmission. It’s a fun game that makes people laugh for hours—or days—depending on your sense of humor. Information passed down between generations is referred to as Tribal Knowledge; someone did something one way, then passed it on.

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A Conversation with Kirk Lesser, President of Renascence IT Consulting

Nobody planned for the COVID-19 pandemic. While MSP owners didn’t get the chance to proactively prepare for the crisis itself, some are in better shape right now than others. Why is this the case? Those who are seeing success during these challenging times began implementing solid frameworks long before the COVID-19 outbreak.  

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