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How to Structure Your MSP Sales Meetings

Operating your business at the seat of your pants is a recipe for disaster, as many of us can attest firsthand. But, the same goes for running sales meetings with your salespeople. Without a well-defined structure in place, a sales meeting will produce nothing meaningful and waste everyone’s valuable time. Nothing will get accomplished, nobody will be held accountable, and you won’t sell monthly recurring revenue (MRR) at the right price for very long.

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What it Takes to Build Your Warm 250

The goal of every MSP should be to have a list of “warm prospects” These are prospects that you know a lot about and they know something about you. You feel they are an “A” prospect that you are determined to do business with. Ultimately, you would like to have 250 of these types of prospects. We call this the warm 250! You can spend more marketing dollars on these high-quality prospects and work to build a business relationship with each of them.

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Thinking About Switching Verticals? It May Be Time!

While there’s much debate over how many verticals an MSP should specialize in, the general consensus among IT professionals seems to be that specializing in one or more verticals is typically a good business decision for MSPs. But for how long should an MSP specialize in a vertical market? And what are the signs that point to the need for an MSP to reevaluate the verticals it’s conducting business in? Those are the questions that are typically left answered.

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Organizing Yourself for MSP Sales Success

When it comes to MSP sales, I love the things that I have control over. Preparation, organization and discipline are some of those things that we can not only control, but will lead to success in the sales process. If we don’t control the things we can, we are being a mediocre version of ourselves. Success and results will come from properly organizing yourself.

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