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The Sales Presentation: What MSPs Should Know

While many MSPs understand where the presentation falls within the sales process, they struggle with — believe it or not  identifying when they’re presenting to clients; delivering presentationsand guiding prospects through essential decisions.   

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MRR Down? Re-Evaluate Your Sales Process

If your monthly recurring revenue (MRR) is down, it might be time to re-evaluate your sales process. In fact, even if your MSP’s MRR is increasing every month, you should still gauge your progress in the sales process on an ongoing basis. Then, every couple of months, re-evaluate your sales process to determine where you and your sales team can improve. If you’re unsure of where to begin, look closely at where you are as a salesperson and an individual before reviewing your sales process. 

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MSP Sales: What You Should Know About Reframing

Eighty percent of your MSP sales process should revolve around you assessing the results your prospects are getting today. You accomplish this by asking them technical questions, finding how much they're investing in technology and inquiring about their businesses. We do this so we can determine the best way to reframe their perspectives on technology and costs. With enough practice in reframing, you'll be overcoming sales objections and boosting your sales performance in no time.

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Does Your Outside Salesperson Struggle With Decision Making?

When it comes to selling the value of the Technology Success Process to prospects, we stress to TruMethods members the importance of simplifying the sales process. Remember: Simplicity equals success. Over-complicating the sales process by focusing on the bottom of the value stack — pricing, technical issues, etc. — negatively impacts your bottom line. Sounds simple enough to understand, right? Well, there’s an obstacle MSP owners face when attempting to develop and implement a simple sales process: their outside salespeople.

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How MSPs Can Increase Sales Efficiency To Grow MRR

Increasing sales efficiency is just one of the many ways MSPs can grow monthly recurring revenue (MRR). Top-performing MSPs understand why streamlining the sales process can help salespeople with adding new MRR at the right price. If you’re unsure of how you can improve sales efficiency in your business, we at TruMethods are here to guide you.

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6 Ways to Create Urgency in the MSP Sales Cycle

Long sales cycles can be a challenge for MSPs. If you are counting on an increase in recurring revenue from new managed service clients to offset monthly expenses, to enable company growth or to help support a new project, any delays in closing sales can derail your plans and cause tension between management and sales reps.

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Improving MSP Sales: How To Reframe Your Client’s View

Bringing in monthly recurring revenue isn’t easy.

You’ve done all the work to open and run your MSP. You’ve invested a lot of money. You’ve purchased expensive tools. You employ great team members. You’ve added new customers. But, your profit margins just aren’t what you expected.

You’re not the only MSP with this complaint. In fact, if you look at the profit margins for average companies, they’re about the same as they were five years ago. In contrast, top performers are raking in the profits – and doing so pretty consistently.

Do you feel like the rich companies are getting richer while you’re just plateauing?

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