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Almost every day, a new managed service provider launches with new servers and a compelling business plan. For many, the transition to managed services yields disappointing results. It becomes a constant challenge to find leads and even harder to qualify prospects who don’t understand the true value an MSP can bring to a company.

This is a struggle TruMethods President Gary Pica knows all too well. In 2008, Gary set out to make life easier for the MSP owners who came after him. He founded TruMethods with a goal to create a community of IT providers that can grow and learn from each other through the TruMethods software and training. Hundreds of MSPs have adopted the powerful combination of FormulaWon and myITprocess™ to build World Class MSPs all across the globe. Many have made great friends along the way.

The TruMethods Team

Gary Pica

Founder & President

Tim Fitzpatrick

VP of Business Development

Bill Taylor

Member Success Team Lead

Rob Danser

Senior Member Success Advisor

Heather Caporaso

Member Success Advisor

Krissy McDowell

Member Success Advisor

Brad Witkop

Program Manager – TruPeer

Theresa Mignogna

Member Success Advisor

Yuriy Krokhtyak

Member Success Advisor

Melissa Clark

Marketing Specialist

Trevor Wyatt

MSP Growth Expert

Jake Rosenthal

MSP Growth Expert

Laurie Gould

Account Manager

Melissa Kisslinger

Finance and Human Resources Administrator

Lauren Hickman

Community Specialist Team Lead & Office Manager

Maryann Lucks

Community Support Specialist

Brian Dappolone

Standards and Alignment Manager

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