Why MSPs Need A Framework

Without A Dedicated Process, You’re Missing Out On Profits
And Taking Big Risks


What Is A Managed Services Framework?

Small and medium-sized businesses are facing larger technology challenges, and increased complexity has made technology a critical aspect of their business. With this evolution, gone are the days of the break-and-fix method of doing business.

As a managed service provider (MSP), running and growing a successful business with satisfied customers requires providing proactive service. To achieve this, you need a repeatable process in place, and that’s where a framework built around focused standards and strategies comes into play.


MSPs Need To
Keep Up To
Stand Out

Today, more MSPs than ever before have access to the same tools and technologies. In addition, new technologies are making it harder for MSPs to keep up with the changing times. These big changes, such as migrating to the cloud, are also adding more complexity for customers.

Bundling services and taking great care of your clients is not enough to stand out from the competition. This makes selling new recurring revenue and commanding the right price more difficult. The result is many MSPs are facing stagnant sales and low profit margins.

As technology evolves and customers’ needs change, how can you stand out in a saturated market? The answer goes beyond providing proactive service. You need to become a trusted advisor to your customers. To do that effectively and efficiently, you must have a plan in place so you can deliver consistent results and close more clients.


The Benefits Of
A Dedicated
MSP Process

Implementing a dedicated process for your MSP business is the key to increasing profitability and customer satisfaction. Without a framework in place, you can’t create repeatable or scalable results. 

Start by building a solid business plan that can help you identify and track areas like:

  • Revenue goals and sales targets
  • SMART numbers
  • Client profitability and service delivery
  • Team performance
  • Key objectives and outcomes

If you need help getting started, we’ve created a MSP business planning worksheet that will provide a strong foundation for your success.

Better Business For Yourself And Your Clients

When you have a set of systems and standards in place, you’ll be running a highly organized company with a healthy culture that creates inspired employees and raving customers. At TruMethods, we refer to these thriving businesses as World Class MSPs

When you become a World Class MSP, you won’t be the only one experiencing a positive change. Your customers benefit, too. With a more organized and efficient process, you’ll be able to help your clients spend more time on business needs and less time on IT issues.

Also, hackers are increasingly targeting MSPs and their customers. To maintain security,  you need a process in place. As clients grapple with the risk of cyber-attacks and more stringent compliance demands, Security-as-a-Service ranks as the top new revenue opportunity for MSPs.

All in all, having a framework means you’ll be able to:

  • Command higher prices
  • Increase profitability
  • Decrease the number of new and recurring tickets
  • Reduce overall time spent on tickets
  • Mitigate security risks


Technology Success:
The TruMethods

Now that you know you need a framework to thrive in this industry, you’re probably wondering what’s right for you. At TruMethods, we’ve developed a powerful process that combines software, training and community. Through this process, we’ve helped transform hundreds of MSPs.

Though there are many components, two key roles define the TruMethods framework: 

  1. Developing standards (Technology Alignment)
  2. Building a strong relationship with the customer (vCIO software, myITprocess™)

Developing Standards With Technology Alignment

Fixing and managing technology is no longer enough. As an MSP, you need to focus on the success of your clients and manage outcomes. Technology Alignment makes it easier to manage outcomes with a two-part strategy.

At TruMethods, we do this with a standards library. Without standards and best practices, an onsite alignment visit wouldn’t make sense. The goal is to produce usable information for the vCIO.

This part is as (if not more) important than developing standards. The Technology Alignment Manager (TAM) is responsible for managing the assessments. Their role includes:

  • Developing and maintaining technical knowledge of the client environment
  • Performing regular proactive service as a technical lead
  • Upholding best practices and reporting recommendations to the vCIO
  • Cutting reactive issues by controlling the number of submitted service requests
  • Identifying technical risk and seeing technical issues firsthand
  • Being the eyes and ears for the vCIO by mastering the environment and making recommendations

Cultivating Customer Relations With A Solid vCIO Framework

The basis of the TruMethods vCIO framework is our cutting-edge software, myITprocess™. It’s an all-in-one tool for creating and managing your vCIO process. Our software comes preloaded with industry-compliant technology standards. This gives you the ability to conduct technology reviews for all clients to make sure their technology is compliant with your standards.

With myITprocess,™ you’ll have the power to deliver a strategic roadmap highlighting technology recommendations and initiatives that support each customer’s business goals. The software also allows you to provide reports to your customers that easily display the scope, budget and business impact of your technology recommendations.

MSPs that use myITprocess™ routinely see their entire business change for the better. The software has helped vCIOs proactively manage customer technology more easily and efficiently, which typically translates to fewer tickets. The value you provide customers will be clear, which means you can command higher prices as a World Class MSP.

Supporting The Framework With Training And Accountability

When you work with TruMethods, you’re never alone. Through training offerings, peer groups and networking events, you learn from and connect with other top-performing MSPs in the industry. This helps to boost your knowledge and increases accountability among your fellow service providers.

Peer And Coaching Groups

As a TruMethods member, you also get a diverse selection of peer and coaching groups designed to increase accountability. MSP peer groups let you learn from your fellow MSPs, while MSP coaching and sales training provide expert advice tailored to your particular needs.

If you’re seeking a unique peer experience, look no further than TruPeer. Crafted to ensure that MSPs maximize both sales growth and profitability potential, TruPeer combines the value of a traditional industry peer experience with training, mentoring and accountability.

You’ll be matched with a group of like-minded MSP leaders and benefit from a series of in-person and online activities designed to supercharge your results. Focused playbooks, training and processes cover topics like:

  • Sales
  • Packaging and pricing
  • Profitability
  • Scalability
  • Company value

As a TruPeer member, you’ll attend three in-person meetings per year, in addition to regular group webinars.

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Exclusively for MSP owners and executives, this collaborative peer group of top TruMethods members provides mentoring and accountability for business owners.

Small group coaching, mentoring and accountability group for inside sales representatives includes training, call reviews, progress reports and playbook updates, all led by MSP sales guru Jim Mullen.

Ongoing weekly sales accountability meetings to help reinforce the principles of sales success and consistently implement the TruMethods sales framework.

Exclusive TruMethods training track dedicated to improving inside sales results and providing access to unique training, webinars and chat groups with other inside sales reps.

A free TruMethods peer group committed to helping vCIOs gain insight from other vCIOs across the globe.

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Every year, the TruMethods team invites members to Schnizzfest, our popular annual member-to-member networking event. Schnizzfest includes a mixture of content and discussions from industry experts on topics such as business success principles, building your technology success practice, service delivery and sales.

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It’s Your Turn To
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Class MSP

Despite the competition and changing technology, the tools are here for you to break free from the reactive spiral of death, command higher prices and increase profitability. You can reach your potential as a World Class MSP, but you’re going to need a framework to make it happen.

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