Membership Benefits

TruMethods Members Gain Access To Exclusive Peer And Coaching Groups

You’ve learned a lot on your journey toward becoming a World Class MSP, but you know you have more to learn. MSP peer groups let you share your experience with similar MSPs and benefit from theirs; MSP coaching and sales training give you expert advice focused on your particular situation.

Winner’s Circle

  • Collaborative peer group of top TruMethods members
  • Provides mentoring and accountability for business owners
  • Exclusively for MSP owners and executives

Inside Sales Turbo Boost

  • Small group coaching, mentoring and accountability group for inside sales representatives
  • Includes training, call reviews, progress reports and playbook updates
  • Led by MSP sales guru Jim Mullen

MSP Sales Accountability Group

  • Ongoing weekly sales accountability meetings to reinforce the principles of sales success
  • Helps companies consistently implement the TruMethods sales framework and add new MRR every month

Inside Sales Champions

  • Exclusive TruMethods training track dedicated to improving inside sales results
  • Provides access to unique training, webinars and chat groups with other inside sales reps

vCIO All-Stars

  • A TruMethods peer group completely committed to vCIOs
  • Gain insight from other vCIOs across the globe
  • Absolutely free!

Operational Coaching

  • Designed specifically for service delivery executives and management staff
  • Provides an informational and accountable environment for anyone responsible for service delivery performance, quality of service and operations
  • Learn to increase operational efficiency, profitability and professional development of your leadership team

MSP Sales Coaching

  • Weekly sales accountability coaching program
  • Includes an initial sales process review and then an ongoing sales team meeting to discuss weekly results and ongoing issues

Profit Accelerator Boot Camp

  • An intensive 12-week program focused on operational maturity
  • Designed for business owners who want to increase their service delivery efficiency and profitability through the TruMethods framework

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Membership Benefits