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Implement a World-Class vCIO process

  • A one-time $500 setup fee
  • Base plan includes 10 client licenses
  • A dedicated Member Success Advisor for ongoing accountability and support
  • Access a complete library of over 300 compliance standards
  • Engage with a community of vCIOs and TruMethods experts
  • Complete compliance reviews of your client’s technology
  • Build Strategic Roadmaps for every client
  • FormulaWon MSP training program is included

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FormulaWon MSP Training


Your ongoing resource for MSP Success

  • 8 weeks of guided training, including one-on-one phone conferences with our Member Success Managers
  • Examples and guidance on improving your packaging and pricing, business plan, and sales process
  • Over 150 hours of role-based training content
  • Live webinars on service delivery, sales and business management
  • Bring your pain points and questions directly to our MSP Growth Experts
  • Accountability tools to keep you aligned with your goals
  • Connect with a community of motivated MSPs
  • TruMethods Mobile App: Access all of the training content from your mobile device

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How will I be billed?
The myITprocess™ and FormulaWon programs are both monthly subscriptions. Your credit card will be billed monthly.
How is myITprocess™ pricing structured?
myITprocess™ is billed monthly and starts at $500 for 10 licenses. For every 10 licenses added, your bill increases by $125 per month.
What is a license in myITprocess™?
One license in myITprocess™ is one of your customers that you are managing within the software.
What can I expect during the myITprocess™ implementation?
While implementing the Technology Success Practice using myITprocess™, you will attend a series of calls with a Member Success Advisor. The calls will be aimed to reach milestones that result in recurring Technology Alignment and vCIO Technology Steering meetings with your clients, in addition to an effort to consistently evaluate your company's Standards and Best Practices.
What is a Member Success Advisor?
A Member Success Advisor (MSA) is a TruMethods employee who is dedicated to your success in implementing the Technology Success Practice using myITprocess™. They will apply the TruMethods concepts to help with implementing Standards, Alignment, Impact and Strategy with your clients and throughout your organization. In addition to taking you through myITprocess™ implementation, they continue to provide guidance throughout the entire TruMethods member experience.
What is the cancelation policy?
You can cancel at any time by emailing support@trumethods.com. If you choose to cancel, it's required to give seven days' notice before the next renewal. Your credit card will not be refunded for the current month. Promotional discounts will cancel and are not protected with any subscription change.

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