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Grow Your Business The TruMethods Way

Training, Software And Peer Groups To Support Your MSP’s Growth

TruMethods has always been about more than just one-off training programs. We are committed to helping IT professionals grow their businesses into World Class MSPs. To do that, we provide services and software that help you at each step of your growth.

Train With FormulaWon

Train With FormulaWon

  • Eight weeks of guided training, including one-on-one phone conferences with our Member Success Advisors
  • Examples and guidance on improving your packaging and pricing, business plan and sales process
  • Over 150 hours of role-based training content
  • Live webinars on service delivery, sales and business management
  • Bring your pain points and questions directly to our team of MSP experts
  • Accountability tools to keep you aligned with your goals
  • Connect with a community of motivated MSPs
  • TruMethods Mobile App: Access all of the training content from your mobile device
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The FormulaWon program is a monthly subscription. Your credit card will be billed monthly.

You’ll receive eight weeks of guided training, including one-on-one phone consultations with our dedicated FormulaWon Member Success Advisor. They’ll keep you informed and on track with the best content suited to your business’s unique goals and challenges. You’ll also gain access to live webinars hosted every week by Gary and Bob on a variety of MSP topics.

You can cancel at any time by emailing support@trumethods.com. If you choose to cancel, you are required to give seven days’ notice before your next renewal date. You will not get a refund for any portion of the current month. Promotional discounts will be canceled and are not protected with any subscription change.

You can add as many team members as you need!


Implement With myITprocessTM

  • FormulaWon MSP training program is included
  • Pricing is based on a 36-month term agreement
  • Base plan includes 10 client licenses
  • A dedicated Member Success Advisor for ongoing accountability and support
  • Access a complete library of over 150 compliance standards
  • Engage with a community of vCIOs and TruMethods experts
  • Complete compliance reviews of your client’s technology
  • Build Strategic Roadmaps for every client
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myITprocessTM Members agree to 12, 24, or 36-month term agreements, billed monthly

myITprocessTM is billed monthly and starts at $400 for 10 licenses. For every 10 licenses added, your bill increases by $125 per month.

One license in myITprocessTM is one of your customers that you are managing within the software.

While implementing the myITprocessTM, you will attend a series of calls with a Member Success Advisor. The calls will be aimed to reach milestones that result in recurring technology alignment and vCIO steering meetings with your clients, in addition to an effort to consistently evaluate your company’s standards and best practices.

A Member Success Advisor (MSA) is a TruMethods employee who is dedicated to your success in implementing the TruMethods Framework using myITprocessTM. They will apply the TruMethods concepts to help with implementing standards, alignment, impact and strategy with your clients and throughout your organization. In addition to taking you through myITprocessTM implementation, they will continue to provide guidance throughout the entire TruMethods Member experience.


Optimize With TruPeer

  • Small groups made up of the owners of small but growing MSPs
  • Financial and smart-number benchmarking based on the FormulaWon program
  • Monthly accountability calls with the other members of your TruPeer group
  • Regular live webinars on service delivery, sales and business management
  • In-person meetings three times a year
  • Monthly and quarterly themes, supported by content, documentation and homework for you to complete
  • Bring your pain points and questions directly to our MSP Growth Experts
  • TruMethods Mobile App: Access all of the training content from your mobile device
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TruPeer members agree to 12-month term agreement, billed monthly.

TruPeer is meant to meet you wherever you are currently at in your business. The expectation is that you are motivated to grow your business and contribute to the peer experience.

A dedicated Member Success Advisor will meet with you to learn more about your business and guide you through an initial training curriculum. You will also take part in group webinars that will outline the time commitments and expectations.

You will have a dedicated Member Success Advisor from TruMethods who will help you from a individual training perspective. You will also be placed in a pod with a handful of other MSPs. Lastly, you will be working with MSP Experts like Gary Pica, Peter Briden and Tony Williams on a regular basis. They will be working closely with you and your pod to give guidance and maintain an agenda.

We look at company size, market and geographical location when determining the right fit for your MSP.

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