The MSP Cybersecurity Go-To-Market Playbook

Learn a step-by-step method to crack the code on selling managed security!

As an MSP, both you and your customers are at a much higher risk of a security breach. As a result, every MSP is enhancing security tools and processes. Unfortunately, MSP’s costs related to security are rising faster than the prices they command.

How do you get customers and prospects to make the additional investment required to secure their environments and reduce their risks? TruMethods President Gary Pica and Blackpoint Cyber CEO Jon Murchison will share a step-by-step playbook to crack the code on going to market with managed security.

Session topics include:

  • How to develop a security stack that offers maximum value
  • How to accurately price your service offering
  • How to have the security sales conversation with prospects and your existing customers

Every MSP needs to command higher prices in order to protect their customers from new security risks. If you are looking for the playbook on how to sell more recurring revenue at a higher price, you don’t want to miss what Gary and Jon have to say.

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You’ll discover a framework to command higher prices and develop a strong security stack.

Key guidance from
Security Experts

Strategies you can
implement immediately

A process to positively impact profitability


TruMethods has teamed up with Blackpoint Cyber to bring you this awesome event!


Gary Pica

President of TruMethods

Gary is a pioneer in the managed services field. His company, Dynamic Digital Services, was an “early to market” IT service provider that quickly became one of the fastest-growing MSPs in the country. Dynamic Digital Services grew into a multi-million dollar managed services practice with over 7,000 endpoints under management. Gary has discovered what works and what doesn’t. Through TruMethods, he shares key practices that have grown his business, using them to help other MSPs reach their full potential.

Jon Murchison

CEO of Blackpoint Cyber

Jon Murchison, the founder and CEO of Blackpoint, started his career in Network Engineering and IT operations, but quickly made the switch to the quiet world of the intelligence community. He has since spent over twelve years planning, conducting, and executing high-priority national security missions. As a former NSA computer operations expert and IT professional, he is bringing a unique perspective to the mission of developing cyber defense software effective at detecting and detaining purposeful cyber intrusions and insider threats. Murchison holds multiple patents in methods of network analysis, defense, pattern analytics, and mobile platforms.


MSP Cybersecurity Go-To-Market Playbook