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Combine the Ultimate vCIO Management Tool with the Power of IT Glue to Supercharge your Results

Establishing and aligning your standards across your entire client base is a process that’s crucial to the success of your business. But it doesn’t have to be a complex process.

TruMethods’ myITprocess™ is the first software framework built specifically for Virtual CIOs (vCIOs), to make it easy for you to develop and manage technical standards for all your clients and then build out strategic roadmaps to provide clients and prospects with easy to understand technology recommendation reports. 

Now that myITprocess is part of the IT Glue family, we are enabling vCIOs to easily connect IT Glue Configurations into a client’s Strategic Roadmap.

With the information powered by IT Glue, vCIOs will save time in creating and justifying budget expenditures, giving them more time to focus on their QBR!

Schedule a live demo of our revolutionary myITprocess™ solution and learn how you could create a living IT roadmap for every client. With myITprocess™, you have the capabilities to:

  • Create standards for your services
  • Increase alignment across all clients
  • Improve your strategic approach to IT processes

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