How MSPs Should Implement Technology Standards

Learn to build and administer technical standards across all different environments



Gary Pica
President of TruMethods

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All MSPs would like to have a higher level of standardization across their customer base. Standardization lowers support cost and reduces your customers risks. Standardization has become more important and more complicated as your customers security and compliance requirements have increased. TruMethods President Gary Pica will share a step by step process for building and administering technical standards across your customers’ environments. In addition, TruMethods will announce the release of key security standards that are now available through our standards management platform, myITprocess. 

During this session: 

  • Learn how to manage and organize a technical standards library
  • Discover how to align your customers technology against your standards
  • Find out how to build a standards comittee
  • Gain the knowledge of how to make standards come alive in your culture

If your goal is to lower reactive support, offer more value to your customers and scale your MSP practice more profitably, you don’t want to miss what Gary has to say.

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