Operational Excellence: Becoming A World Class IT Service Provider

Find the unrealized profitability locked inside your MSP business!

The average MSP has unrealized profitability locked inside their business that they are unable to unleash. As the MSP model evolves and becomes more complex, it is critical to have a simple framework to ensure profitability. During this session, TruMethods President Gary Pica and Auvik Partner Success Manager Chrissy Little, will share a proven process to build a world class MSP.

Session topics include:

  • A simple exercise every MSP can use to uncover unrealized profitability
  • 3 changes to service delivery that will immediately impact efficiency
  • 5 metrics that impact both accountability and profitability
  • A counteractive perspective that will simplify efficiency

Every MSP business leader that attends this session will make at least one change that will positively impact their profitability.  If your goal is to build a more efficient and profitable MSP, you don’t want to miss what Gary and Chrissy have to say!

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You’ll discover the unrealized profitability locked inside your business and develop a plan to further capitalize on it.

Key guidance from
Security Experts

Strategies you can
implement immediately

A process to positively impact profitability


TruMethods has teamed up with Auvik to bring you this informative virtual event!


Gary Pica

President of TruMethods

Gary is a pioneer in the managed services field. His company, Dynamic Digital Services, was an “early to market” IT service provider that quickly became one of the fastest-growing MSPs in the country. Dynamic Digital Services grew into a multi-million dollar managed services practice with over 7,000 endpoints under management. Gary has discovered what works and what doesn’t. Through TruMethods, he shares key practices that have grown his business, using them to help other MSPs reach their full potential.

Chrissy Little

Partner Success Manager at Auvik

An accomplished Partner Success Manager now with Auvik, Chrissy Little has a deep range of experience in success management within the IT industry. From enterprise software sales to project management and leadership, Chrissy excels at helping Auvik’s partners’ grow their business while navigating the ever-changing landscape of modern networking solutions. In addition to representing Auvik in the UK, Chrissy is currently earning her compTIA certification.


Operational Excellence: Becoming a World Class IT Service Provider