How To Avoid MSP Security Pitfalls

Take advantage of a growing opportunity in the marketplace and avoid common mistakes when adding security to your service offering.



Gary Pica
President of TruMethods

Jim Mullen
TruMethods Expert Sales Coach

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If your goal is to add new Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) then you don’t want to skip this webinar! The key to MSP success is the ability to add new MRR customers every month. Unfortunately, many MSPs struggle when it comes to MRR sales. Gary Pica is widely regarded as the definitive expert in the managed services sales process.

Gary will share key ingredients that helped build one of the top-performing MSPs in the country. During this event you will learn:

  • 3 common counter-intuitive MSP sales mistakes that kill results
  • The reason most managed services salespeople fail
  • How to sell more recurring revenue at a higher price
  • The answer to the most important question an MSP will ever hear!

Every attendee will take away actionable items that will improve your MSP sales results immediately. If you are looking to supercharge your sales process, check out this webinar!

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