Security Tabletop: Developing Your Incident Response Plan

Join the experts as they demonstrate how to respond to security threats during this interactive session


You walk into the office Monday morning. You’ve been receiving texts from a number of clients and your team has a look of distress. Your RMM and clients have been breached. Do you have a plan? Have you run through that plan? The reality is that most MSPs don’t know what to do.

Join renowned cybersecurity experts, Wes Spencer, CISO at Perch Security, and Chris Loehr, EVP at Solis Security, as they walk you through an interactive session that will require you to go step by step over what to do if this nightmare were to occur. Get ready to collaborate and create the building blocks for an Incident Response Plan and a Business Impact Analysis.

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You’ll walk away with a plan to prepare yourself for the next security breach!

Key guidance from
Security Experts

Strategies you can
implement immediately

A proven process for preparing a successful Incident Response Plan

Your team will be empowered to handle the next security breach


TruMethods has teamed up with Perch Security and The Cyber Call to bring you this unique cybersecurity exercise!


Chris Loehr

Executive Vice President, Solis Security

Chris Loehr has over 25 years of leadership experience in designing and delivering cybersecurity and IT operational strategies for the financial industry. He has proven repeatedly that he has the ability create strategy, lead a company to execute towards that strategy, and have measurements in place to prove it. Chris has primarily focused on improving the operational capabilities of IT and cybersecurity organizations in the financial services sector. He has transformed IT organizations at multiple companies from being reactive and disgruntled to being high performing and possessing high energy. In his 19+ years in the banking industry, he has survived and thrived through the times of government regulation onslaught and the tight profit margins that threatened the sustainability of the banking industry.

Wes Spencer

CISO, Perch Security

Wes Spencer is a nationally recognized technology innovator and cybersecurity expert. He has served as a senior executive and advisor from Fortune 500 to venture capitalist backed startups. He is a dynamic and frequently requested professional conference speaker. Wes has served on multiple advisory committees with distinguished organizations such as American Banker, Sentinel One, and FS-ISAC. He currently serves on the Department of Homeland Security AIS advisory committee and is active in the STIX working group to continue to drive automation standards in threat intelligence sharing. By profession, Wes is the CISO of Perch Security. Wes is the senior executive focusing on internal and external cybersecurity for Perch. Wes provides thought leadership externally to organizations around the world in the area of threat intelligence and threat information sharing.

Gary Pica

President of TruMethods

Gary is a pioneer in the managed services field. His company, Dynamic Digital Services, was an “early to market” IT service provider that quickly became one of the fastest-growing MSPs in the country. Dynamic Digital Services grew into a multi-million dollar managed services practice with over 7,000 endpoints under management. Gary has discovered what works and what doesn’t. Through TruMethods, he shares key practices that have grown his business, using them to help other MSPs reach their full potential.

Andrew Morgan

Founder of The Cyber Call

An industry veteran who has been working with MSPs since 2004. As one of the earliest employees at ConnectWise, Andrew took various roles around in sales and led the cybersecurity strategy prior his departure. He works with several of the industry’s top cybersecurity vendors and is the founder and host of the CyberCall.


Interactive Tabletop: Developing Your Incident Response Plan