Master Your Technical Alignment Process

Your all-in-one guide to creating and managing the proven TAM process that has helped hundreds of MSPs build World Class businesses.

The MSP marketplace is changing. When everybody has access to the same tools and technology, how can you distinguish yourself from competitors? It comes down to the value of the service you provide to clients through your process.

The Technology Alignment Manager (TAM) role works hand in hand with the vCIO role. While your vCIO proposes solutions, the value of those recommendations is dependent upon the TAM’s knowledge of customer’s technology. That’s why TruMethods developed the Technology Alignment Manager Standards & Training Manual. Download your copy today to learn everything you need to know about building an efficient and repeatable TAM process.

This training manual will provide:

  • An overview of the Technology Success concept and how it will boost your MSP growth
  • Individual role analysis of every employee involved in the TAM process
  • An in-depth look at how to build a formal standardization when creating and managing a TAM

Get your MSP operating at full capacity with an effective TAM and vCIO process for each role. Learn step-by-step on how you can implement the framework that has helped hundreds of MSPs.

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