Develop A Repeatable Alignment
Process For Your Customers

An Easy-To-Use Platform To Mitigate Risk And Monitor Technology For Your Clients

Your job doesn’t stop once your clients are signed and on board. Now you must make sure those clients’ technologies are up to the standards you’ve developed. Find out how myITprocess™ enables easy IT alignment.

Alignment Report - Select Category

Create Customizable Client Review Reports

myITprocess™ gives your engineers and vCIOs a robust tool for monitoring and managing your clients’ technologies. Evaluate every piece of technology against your standards with a simple yes/no workflow.

Optimize Client Engagements

By keeping your clients’ stacks current, you’ll be able to reduce the number of tickets submitted by two-thirds and prevent problems that can result from unmonitored updates.


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Proactively Manage All Of Your Clients
On One Easy-To-Use Platform


Keep track of every client all in one place

Review and align all of your clients within myITprocess™.


Become a truly proactive IT provider

Always know exactly when a client is misaligned or at risk.


Increase your bandwidth to take on more clients

Give your engineers a more efficient process of managing technology and bring on more clients than ever before.


Manage all of your clients’ technology
stacks in one place.