Deliver A Long-Term Strategic
Roadmap To Your Clients

Enable Your vCIO For Success And Increase Your Revenue Opportunities

Give your clients a blueprint for a long-term technical strategy with the Strategic Roadmap. Use it to guide meetings with executives and build high-value business relationships.

Build Customizable Presentations Using The Strategic Roadmap

This feature gives vCIOs a logical framework to organize their initiatives, recommendations and budgets. Create client meetings, post project budgets and receive client feedback all in one place.

Combine Strategic Initiatives Directly With Technical Alignment

myITprocess™ provides unparalleled insight into your clients’ technologies. The Strategic Roadmap helps your clients understand why you’re making specific recommendations based on Technical Alignment.


Deliver A Presentation Based On Your Recommendations

Use the Meeting Mode to digitally present your initiatives, recommendations and budget, and to capture your clients’ feedback directly in the meeting.

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Complete The Ultimate MSP Process By Establishing
Yourself As A Trusted Business Advisor


Provide long-term strategic outlooks

Offer business recommendations that affect the bottom line for your clients.


Organize client notes, meetings and budgets

An all-in-one platform to organize technology strategy and present to your clients.


Capture new revenue opportunities

Stop your clients from seeing you as just another expense, and instead become a strategic partner in their business.


Deliver custom technology reports to every client to
illustrate the business impact of your services.