Are You Ready To Use What You Learned At Schnizzfest?

Have you recovered from the blast you had at Schnizzfest yet? After another successful Schnizzfest, we want to thank all our attendees for coming and encourage you to take the information you gained and apply it to your MSP’s daily operations.

If you weren’t able to attend Schnizzfest, don’t worry. We have MSP experts ready and waiting to answer your questionsand give you a rundown on some of the major points we covered.Continue the progress you made at Schnizzfest and catch up if you missed the conference.

As we talked about at Schnizzfest, you have the power to run a streamlined, profitable MSP that’s in the top echelon of our industry. However, you need the right view of your team to make it happen.

How Each Team Member Helps You Reach World Class Status

At Schnizzfest, we explored how each employee plays a role in your business’s journey to World Class status. While your leadership team focuses on high-level concepts, your employees are responsible for the details. And if you’re not viewing the part employees play in making your company profitable, you’ll have a difficult time becoming a top MSP.

Each role at your company can be broken down into three different components:

  • Core – What is the ultimate purpose of this role at your company? This encompasses the processes and daily work that this employee is responsible for.
  • Results – What is the impact of this role? You should analyze in terms of three groups: results for the client, results for your team and results for the employee who fills the role.
  • Essence – What is the spirit of this role at your company? The essence is a role’s ultimate purpose.

Let’s analyze a role within MSPs, a sales team member, using these three components.

  • Core – A salesperson’s daily responsibilities include holding conversations, attending appointments, nurturing leads and closing deals.
  • Results – When a salesperson finds success, the results are:
    • Clients – Salespeople increase your customer base by providing IT support solutions to better your clients’ businesses.
    • Internal team – When sales increase and there’s a steady flow of leads in your company, your team has the opportunity to expand and stabilize your business.
    • Employee filling the role – With each sale, salespeople improve their self-image and increase their importance within your company.
  • Essence – The spirit of a salesperson’s role is to deliver your company message to clients, ensuring that every customer is well served.

Gary PicaEach role within your company is vital and should be treated as such. You have to fully understand and leverage the importance of each role to ensure that you’re maximizing every employee’s potential. Evaluate your employees’ roles based on these three components, and start utilizing them to their full potential in your journey to World Class status.

Five Areas That Top MSPs Have Conquered

If you want to be a top MSP, like some of the companies your interacted with at Schnizzfest, there are five areas of the businessyou need to focus on to get results.

  • Business planning: Make sure you have an actionable plan in place for your company’s future.
  • Processes: Review your processes and determine areas in which you could increase efficiency.
  • Packaging and pricing: Without effective packaging and pricing of your MSP services, you’ll never reach maximum profitability.
  • MSP sales: To increase your monthly recurring revenue, you need a laser focus on your sales process.
  • Command of your business: When you take command of your MSP and have a 360-degree view of your operations, you’ll be on your way to becoming a World Class MSP.

Schnizzfest may be over, but let’s take the lessons we learned back to our teams. You have the power to be an efficient, effective and profitable top MSP. You just need to enact the right tactics and methods to make it happen.

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