How To Build A World Class Operations Team

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While many MSPs aren’t World Class MSPs, there are plenty of opportunities to join the ranks of the elite — especially if process is leading the way. 

The term “World Class MSP” should sound familiar to you — especially if you’re a TruMethods member — but if it doesn’t, let me paint a picture for you.  

When you’re operating as a World Class MSP, both you and your company have achieved financial independence; your employees — many of them — are happy and loyal; and your clients, well, they believe you’re providing a range of valuable services they can’t find elsewhere.  


Process drives World Class MSPs 

There’s more to being process-driven than just ensuring processes are place.  

A process-driven MSP is committed to delivering consistent results for its customers. 

If you’re not following processes, you’re producing on the fly, and that’s what amateurs  not World Class MSPs  do. 

Ultimately, if you want to grow and scale as an MSP, you must be able to repeat results for clients.  


Use the principles of process management 

There are six principles of process management World Class MSPs follow: 

  • All work is process work. If you’re not following a process, you’re just making things up as you go along. You must be able to deliver consistency across all clients. 
  • Any process is better than no process. Having some process is better than having nothing. When you’re creating processes, they don’t have to be perfect at the beginning. You just need to start somewhere. Without any process, there’s chaos 
  • A good process is better than a bad process. It may sound like commonsense, but don’t stick to bad processes. Commit to making processes better. 
  • One version is better than many. Are your employees sticking to the script? As you add more team members to your processes, ensure everybody’s following the protocols you put forth originally. Oftentimes, when you scale, employees begin creating their own versions of your processes. Make sure this doesn’t happen within your organization  
  • Good process can be made better. You can always make a process better, especially over time. Spend time evaluating processes. Determine what’s working and what’s not.  
  • Every good process eventually becomes a bad process. This is huge. This always happens, so don’t ignore this last principle. Everything is changing, right? You need to be able to adapt the processes you create to the shifts in our industry and technology.  


Who’s accountable for processes in your business? 

If “everybody’s accountable,” then nobody’s accountable.  

There needs to be somebody within your business who’s responsible for ensuring processes are running correctly and outcomes are being met.  

This individual should also be looking for areas of improvements 

Someone must be responsible from start to finish. 


Every process follows the same cycle 

Every process has four components: planning, implementation, operation and optimization. 

The first has three facets: people, process and technology.  

The planning stage is where you as a business owner must choose the right resources (selecting the right technology for your business process, for example).  

When it comes to implementation, think about documentation. Where do you keep all your processes? Honestly, it doesn’t matter where you keep them, but remember this: Documentation needs to be centrally stored. Your team needs to have access to all your processes.  

During the operation phase, MSPs should be tracking metrics. This can be done through a vendor solution, or MSPs can create their own dashboards. When MSPs track their own data, oftentimes, they learn more about the data they’re collecting. 

Finally, after collecting your data, determine how you’re going to use it to optimize your processes.  

World Class MSPs follow processes, which enables them to stay financially independent, retain their employees and keep customers happy. 

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