Making Your Standards Come Alive

At TruMethods, we’re always trying to get you to do something — to start this or that. Even though we can be quite persistent at times, we mean well. We push because we want to see our members succeed; we want to watch them all (each and every one of you) grow. When it comes to standards, we’re always encouraging TruMethods members to develop and set standards for clients because standards keep your customers aligned — but there’s more than just overall development to the entire standardization process.  

There’s No “I” In Team

If you take anything away from this blog post, it should be the following point: You cannot make standards come alive alone. Standards shouldn’t be handed down from above. Your team members are there to help you with executing your business goals in a number of different ways. Ask your employees to help guide you in the right direction.

If you don’t involve your teams in the standardization process, you’re going to see a lot of unwanted pushback (your employees are going to resist). While it’s okay to keep your plans close to your chest initially (sometimes you don’t want too many cooks in the kitchen), you’ll want to eventually open up your circle to other capable team members.

For example, set up a “Standards Council” within your organization. It’s a wonderful way to get your entire team involved in the standardization process. Invite at least one member from every service delivery area to participate. By doing this, you’re ensuring every role is represented during the standardization process (this covers all the bases).

Another idea to consider is a Standards Queue. This is basically an inbox where a team member can easily send standard recommendations to (maybe a technician reviewing tickets notices a pattern and has a standard suggestion in mind to resolve the issues). Once there are enough recommendations, the Standards Council can then review and consider each suggestion. This holistic approach to standardization is designed to encourage your team members to become part of the process by giving their input.

Create A Culture Of Curiosity

It all begins with you. You’re the business owner (your organization’s leader). You set the tone. If setting standards is going to be a paradigm shift for your company, your employees will need to feel the momentum. They’ll turn to you for guidance and reassurance during the change in focus. You’ll need to bring your teams with you on the journey to standardization. You can start by just instilling a culture of curiosity in them.

Your team members should always strive to be curious. This begins with you having a critical eye toward issues. Encourage teams to question and be open. This starts with them looking into the why of an issue instead of only looking at the what. Give teams leeway to investigate what is happening and empower them to submit their own ideas.  

If you’re having a difficult time with making standards come alive, look in the mirror. Are you trying to bite off more than you can chew? If so, it’s because you’re going at it alone. Win your team over by inviting them into the standardization process by welcoming them to provide input on standards designed to help your business grow.

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