Preparing for Your 2021 MSP Business Plan: Vision, Purpose, Values

Reevaluating your company’s vision, purpose and values before developing your MSP business plan for 2021 is key.Now is also the best time to assess how you can become a better version of yourself and what that foray into personal development could potentially do to help you with putting your business in a better position for 2021.

For the remainder of 2020, assess who you are as a person. Have you created a vision for the life you want? What’s your purpose? What are your values? Take some time to do some soul searching. After determiningyour starting pointyou can then build a positive company culture.

And another thing: Your personal plan must align with your business plan.If it doesn’t, you’re setting yourself up for failure. 

Is your vision still the same?

Now is the time to revisit your vision for your business and life.

Your vision for life should give you some direction (a starting point) when developing your organization’s vision. Think about what you want your organization to represent and achieve in the future.Ask yourself, “What do I want my organization to look like five years from now?Your vision should inspire.

If it does, your employees will get on board, and that’s the kind of buy-in you’ll need to succeed. 

Is your company’s purpose clear?

Don’t know why your company exists? Then you don’t know your company’s purpose!

Your company should provide your employees with a greater sense of purpose. Consider the mark you want your company to make on the world.

Think about it this way: Besides paychecks, what are your employees working for? Why are they doing what they’re doing every dayA company’s purposeunites team members under a single cause.

Once you identify your company’s purpose, share it with your team membersThen, ensure everyone in your organization knows your company’s purpose by keeping it top of mind in whatever they do.

Creating a purpose-driven organization is challenging, but it’s not impossible. 

What are your company’s values?

Defining your company’s core values is no easy feat for any business owner.

I often get asked, “What are core values?” Simply put, they’re the cultural foundation of your company. They are not just a list of feel-good slogans you throw up on a wall somewhere. It takes time to fully establish the right values for your organization, but after you’ve identified them, decision making should be a lot easier.

For example, we have two core values at TruMethods: Members First and Be Awesome.

When faced with tough decision, oftentimes turn to TruMethodscore values for guidance. Fall back on yourcompany’s core values when having a difficult time with making a decisionYou’ll find that your core values will keep you on the right path.

There is still time to assess your company’s vision, purpose and values before the new year. They are what define your company’s culture, so take chunk time out of your schedule to revisit them.

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