Process-Driven Actions To Increase MSP Profitability

If you want to increase the profitability of your business and enhance the services you provide to clients, you must take time to focus on your MSP processes. When you look at this aspect of your business and work to optimize operations, you begin to adopt an important characteristic that all top MSPs possess.

Ask yourself: Would my business and my clients’ businesses be better if my MSP operated with well-defined and streamlined processes? The answer is probably an emphatic yes.

You need to have defined processes for every area of your business, and there are four main pillars that require the most attention.

After you’ve reviewed these areas, it’s time to start making real changes to your company’s view of processes. Unfortunately, you can’t do it alone.

It’s not just about outlining a process and implementing it. You have to develop and promote a process-driven culture in your company to see increased MSP profitability. To establish a culture of process, there are four actions to take.

How To Develop A Process-Driven Culture

  1. Take It To The Team. Getting your team focused is the first key to developing a culture of process. You never want your employees to feel like they’re just cogs in the machine of your company. They should be active participants in deciding what the best practices of your MSP are and what processes you should use to adhere to those practices.
  2. Optimize What You Already Have. A process that you’ve relied on since the beginning of your company may not be the best way to operate anymore. Don’t be afraid to take a hard look at your everyday MSP processes and make major changes. They should be living pieces of your company’s operations. To make that happen, you need a process for improving your processes. Over time, a current way of working may not be relevant anymore. Whether it’s every month, quarter or year, you should reevaluate your MSP processes
  3. Make It Routine. To really focus your team on improvement, discussion about your MSP processes should be a part of regular conversation. In daily huddles and team meetings, actively reference your processes. If someone has a new suggestion, ask them to test it out. If it’s successful, alter your process and communicate it to the team. When your team is mindful of processes on a regular basis, the impact on your company culture becomes evident. 
  4. Institutionalize. Through documentation and training, you’ll institutionalize the processes you’ve optimized and developed. Task a team member or a group with the important responsibility of recording processes and regularly updating those records when there are adjustments. And remember, training isn’t just for your new employees. Any time a new process is rolled out, train your team on how to follow it properly. You’ll see fewer variances in how employees work and a higher level of company-wide standardization.

Creating a company culture that’s process-driven is one of the keys to becoming a World Class MSP. With these optimized processes, you’re able to leverage your team’s efforts and achieve superior results. While defined processes may seem like a small aspect of your company, don’t underestimate the positive impact they have on your MSP’s profitability.

There’s more to learn about becoming a profitable MSP. Check out our free business calculator that can help you evaluate key profitability metrics.

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