Another Schnizzfest in the Books: Thank You

Hey-yooo! Another Schnizzfest is in the books. This year marked our 11th Schnizzfest, and with more than 600 people in attendance, it was the largest Schnizzfest in history.

We held Schnizzfest 2023 and Q1 TruPeer meetings in late January in Phoenix, AZ. The temperature in Arizona was a little cooler than most people would have liked. However, the work we did together all week was HOT.

As usual, we packed the event with:

  • Live music, educational keynotes and interviews with leaders who made the event possible.
  • Breakout tracks for sales and marketing, accelerating growth and profitability, and strategy and tactics for Technology Success.
  • Nightly festivities.

The primary goal of Schnizzfest is to rethink how you feel about yourself and your team. We want you to believe that you can dream big and bring it to fruition. We aim to make your teams feel like they’re part of something special. We want you to pick your head up and see what’s coming.

Through Schnizfest, TruPeer and many other efforts, we’re building a unique community of MSPs where everyone can rely on one another for advice, encouragement and accountability. I’m most proud of how everyone has come together over the years.

If you attended, please take a moment to complete the Schnizzfest 2023 Post-Event Feedback Survey to help us improve future events. The energy and enthusiasm at Schnizzfest were contagious. I’m excited about the year ahead, and I hope you are, too.

Thank you to everyone who invested their time and money to attend, especially those from outside the U.S., and all the TruMethods and Kaseya employees who put the event together.

Will you join me at the next one?

(Photo Credit to Haute Media)

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