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Why MSPs Must Welcome Change

At Schnizzfest this year, I spoke about the downfall of the once prosperous ice industry — a significant enterprise that failed to adapt in time and consequently vanished. A similar fate has befallen giants like Nortel, Blockbuster and others that failed to read the tea leaves. This week, an...

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How to Network at Schnizzfest Effectively

Schnizzfest’s agenda this year is jam-packed with panels, special content sessions and networking opportunities. While over the past few months I’ve covered what attendees can expect from this year’s education tracks, I haven’t reviewed the hours we’ve allocated to networking opportunities. There are seven hours dedicated to networking opportunities in...

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Schnizzfest 10: The Date Has Been Set

Finally, the announcement you’ve been waiting for: Schnizzfest will be held in January 2020 in Orlando, FL. Yes, we’ve moved the time and location of our event forTruMethodsmembers. Traditionally, we’ve heldSchnizzfestin June in our hometown of Philadelphia, but for the 10th anniversary ofSchnizzfest, we decided to mix things up. There...

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