It’s Official: Hackers Have Left Their Basements

The security landscape for SMBs and MSPs has changed dramatically over the past several years.

Hackers have left their basements and moved into high-rise buildings. They’re nowwell-funded by governments and private organizations. Many cybercriminals are larger and more mature in how they operate their businesses than you or your customers.

MSPs have struggled with keeping up with the increasingly complexIT threat landscapemainlydue to fundamental business structure issuespreventing them from achieving optimal results. Many MSPs simply don’t have the knowledge, tools, process or profits to secure their customers in the way they would like — but why not?

The reality is this: Many MSPs haven’t been charging enough for their services — it’s a simple math problem.

Now, fast forward to today — an opportunity awaits.

Many SMBs around the worldover the past eight weeks were forced to change their topologies.

You helped thewith enabling their employees to work from home, but that came with a cost to their IT infrastructuresUser data and risk became decentralized almost overnight, and the bad guys responded quickly with new threat vectors.

I’m the business analyst on a weekly cybersecurity podcast with top security resources in the industry. They’ve been painting a pretty bleak picture of ramped up threats and breaches in the SMB spaceIs their outlook arisk or an opportunity for you?

The answer is it depends.

If you’re not quickly adapting to change your process, approach standards, perspective and culture from a security standpoint,you and your clients have more risk today than two months ago.

But if you’ve changed or plan to change, then this is a huge opportunity for youNow you can work even closer with your customers.

Leverage this changein the security landscape by increasing yourpricesUse security as a wedge in the sales process.

As I’ve said before, we must take this time to become better business peopleby focusingon sales, our customers, profitability and security. 

If we do, we’ll thrive on the other side.

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