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Compliance is top of mind for many MSPs in today’s business climate. While there are industry standards for MSPs to comply with, there are also technology standards for them to consider. What if I told you there’s an efficient way to ensure your clients comply with both?

The TruMethods team has built a great feature into myITprocess that will help you easily keep up with industry technology standards. Have you noticed it yet? myITemplates, the new feature enables MSPs to populate premade industry compliant technology standards into their standards libraries. With the help of myITemplates, you can better tailor your assessments for clients based on their specific industry needs and requirements.

If you’re unfamiliar with myITemplates, there are a couple of things you should know before using it.

Compliance is the responsibility of every MSP

Keeping customers compliant should be a top responsibility for an MSP and with the proper tools and processes in place, compliance management shouldn’t be an overwhelming task for your team.

Compliance is incorporated into both the TruMethods framework and myITprocess, our vCIO platform and dashboard. TruMethods members use the technology alignment process to align client technology with their own standards.

The technology alignment process is how our members create consistency across their portfolios and minimize reactive issues. It’s a proactive process designed to assist MSPs with lowering reactive noise and gaining competitive advantages in an overcrowded marketplace.

How myITemplates can help you

If you’re new to the technology alignment process, evaluating standards for your clients may seem intimidating at first. You may be worried about choosing the wrong standards and putting you and your customers on the path of no return. To help guide you with the technology alignment process, our developers began working on a myITprocess feature a little while back — and it’s now ready for use.

With myITemplates, instead of having to manually add standards, MSPs can now select standards templates from the standards library in myITprocess. If you’re unsure of the standards you should assign for your clients, these customizable templates are designed to be great starting points.

Our developers also added templates for a range of industry standards, including NIST, HIPAA, PCI and GDPR. We pull our information for these templates from the standards databases available to everyone online.

We also update the industry standards templates in myITprocess whenever a change is made by the overseeing agencies, so you never have to worry about working with out-of-date templates.

Keeping customers compliant is a must, but no matter how you go about choosing your standards, you should always assess client technology on an ongoing basis. Using the new myITemplates feature in myITprocess allows MSPs to proactively monitor the technology alignment process.

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