Our New Integration with IT Glue: What it Means for vCIOs

You’ve probably heard the exciting news about the myITprocess integration we developed for IT Glue — and yes, we’re just as thrilled about it as you!

Our goal has always been to make vCIOs more effective. One way to accomplish that objective is by helping them communicate better with their clients. vCIOs can create strategic roadmaps in myITprocess, which enable vCIOs to build not only meaningful relationships but also trust with their clients.

Our integration with IT Glue provides vCIOs with the additional information they need to create strategic IT roadmaps quickly and efficiently with myITprocess.

For example, part of the integration with IT Glue assists vCIOs with product lifecycle management (PLM). By turning on the IT Glue integration, vCIOs using myITprocess can now view when operating systems and other solutions are set to expire. vCIOs can then easily add these recommendations into their strategic roadmaps, which makes things a lot easier for vCIOs using myITprocess.

For instance, take presentation preparation. A vCIO can spend as many as 20 hours pulling data for a quarterly business review (QBR). The new integration with IT Glue significantly cuts the time it takes a vCIO to prepare for a presentation with a client. Instead of adding everything manually, vCIOs can simply add the easily accessible data to their IT strategic roadmaps.

Over the next several months, we’re going to be working on new integrations with IT Glue. We want vCIOs to be able to highlight key points for their clients. Our goal isn’t just to replicate the data from IT Glue (that wouldn’t provide any value to vCIOs). We simply want to provide vCIOs with powerful insight into everything that’s happening with their clients.

Oh, and we’re not stopping with IT Glue integrations! We already have a few other integrations in the works, but I’ll reveal the details at some other time.

For us, it’s all about putting vCIOs in positions to be as effective as possible and build the deepest relationships.

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