TruMethods Member Q&A: Peer Groups Help MSPs “Work Smarter, Not Harder”

MSPs are usually hesitant about joining peer groups. They question the value, the time commitment and the time requirements. We are at a pivotal time in the MSP industry. Things are changing fast, and business leaders need more knowledge and perspective. Now is a great time to consider joining an industry peer group.

“We joined TruPeer because of the benefits of having accountability partners that share ideas and concerns and utilize the knowledge TruMethods has acquired over the years,” said Adam M. Casgar, president of Coastal Computer Consulting, LLC, a Brunswick, Georgia-based MSP. “TruPeer has given our business the ability to learn better methods of delivering our services, communicating with our clients, and understanding how to run, manage and make our business profitable.”

During our interview, Adam shared why MSPs should join peer groups if they want to work smarter, not harder, and why peers are the furthest thing from multilevel marketing (MLM).

What’s your top takeaway from TruPeer?

My biggest takeaway is that any MSP running a business today needs to be a part of a community like TruPeer to learn how to scale their business on a different level. TruPeer allows you to communicate with peers across the country and globe to understand the landscape of our business and how quickly it changes by asking questions and getting valuable advice on what you may or may not be doing to the best of your company’s abilities.

Why should MSPs join TruPeer?

I would not have ever seen myself being a member of a peer group or organization like TruMethods. In fact, in the discussions we had internally about signing up, I was highly apprehensive; having been an IT consultant for over 27 years, I did not believe that any group or company could honestly understand the managed services business. Today, I tell my friends who run MSPs and anyone willing to listen that you need to join if you want to work smarter, not harder, grow your business and see actual results. TruPeer elevates your thinking, processes, and management and will help you keep working on your business, not in your business, which is a challenging concept for many to understand. I recently recommended TruPeer to a former boss and friend who started his MSP a few months after I began mine. He was amazed at the results and knew I could finally bring everything together and not work 15-hour days with staggering growth, thanks to TruPeer/TruMethods.

What’s the biggest misconception about peer groups?

In my opinion, there are many misconceptions about peer groups, and it is hard to narrow down the biggest. One, peer groups can be thought of as not being helpful, and I think they can be misconstrued as networking groups, feel like a scam or come off as MLM. I quickly let go of my apprehensiveness about peer groups after working with TruPeer. Unlike other peer groups, TruPeer requires commitment from its members. For it to work, you must take time out of your busy schedule to meet with peers, work with them to solve issues, overcome challenges and discuss possibilities to get insight, advice and intelligence needed to take your business to the next level.

How has TruPeer helped you with your business?

While the success of any program requires time and investment, having accountability meetings to ensure that you are doing those things, as shown above, clearly pays off quickly. Within 45 days of being a part of TruMethods, we used the steps provided, watched videos, attended meetings and completed the required work. We saw a tremendous financial change in our recurring revenue, leaving behind the break-fix model altogether. To date, our biggest win was converting a client that paid us $3,861.00 for the entire year of 2021 as a break-fix client to now paying us $3,125.00 per month, which is a staggering $33,639 per year in revenue.

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