Are You Making the Most of Q4 2022?

Q4 is here once again! Can you believe it?

If there’s one quarter where you want to fully execute all your initiatives, it’s Q4. Now, I would prefer you execute for four quarters, of course, but if you make me pick one, I will always choose Q4.

First of all, Q4 is selling season. It’s our chance to add new monthly recurring revenue (MRR), meaning new customers and additional MRR to existing customers (this way we can recognize 100% of the revenue sold in Q4 in 2023). Q4 is also when we look at our annual plan and ensure we complete any remaining yearly priorities and initiatives. It’s also when we should work on our 2023 plan.

Your role in your business is probably the same as the first three quarters of this year. So, how do you do your full-time job, dedicate more time to sales, spend time planning and get the remaining annual initiatives done?

Here are a few suggestions. First, start today by blocking time on your schedule for the rest of the year for all the items I just mentioned. Next, figure out who else in your organization can help delegate and implement accountability. Then, as you plan 2023, start with defining your role in the company that you would like to build and delegate all tasks that are not in that new job description to other people. Finally, each morning before your workday starts, take an extra minute to set your attitude and intention for the day. You don’t need to have a great attitude every day of your life — just today.

Even though Q4 has just begun, the holiday season is quickly approaching and it’s the shortest quarter to do business. Don’t waste any time dragging your feet.

Start executing today, people!

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