TruMethods Member Q&A: ‘TruPeer Means Opportunity and Growth’

While TruPeer may mean something different to each one of its members, members who get the most out of TruMethods’ most popular peer group find that they’re strategically aligned with TruPeer.

“TruMethods and 2Fifteen were closely aligned from the moment we were introduced to Gary and his team,” said Ed Lukacs, CEO of 2Fifteen Tech, a Salt Lake City-based MSP. “Gary spoke to us about the TruMethods framework, and everything resonated so soundly into what we were already doing. The subsequent benefit was that we were about to join a peer group that spoke the same language and had the same initiatives. We felt like the addition of TruPeer into our strategy would benefit everyone at 2Fifteen, not just our leadership. We couldn’t be any happier with our decision to join. It’s paid dividends to date.”

During our interview, Ed shared how his business has benefitted from TruPeer, how TruPeer is different than other peer groups in the industry, and what he’s learned from fellow TruPeer members.

A lightly edited transcript of the conversation follows.

How have you benefitted from TruPeer?

By applying the framework and being held accountable by our peer group, we have benefited significantly from the advice of Gary and his team, as well as the advice of other TruPeer members. We have also benefited from the guidance of our peer group and the TruPeer team to address similar issues that others have already addressed. A significant benefit is that we have been able to see growth quicker by learning the principles taught through the modules, office hours, and quarterly meetings.

How is TruPeer different from other peer groups you’ve participated in?

TruPeer closely aligned with what we were already doing. However, we didn’t have the framework defined, nor did we have access to the wealth of data and processes that TruPeer provides. Of the peer groups that we have participated with previously, they lacked the organization and content that TruPeer provides. TruPeer aligns well with MSPs, understanding their challenges and then providing modules, webinars, projects, and office hours to learn and discuss from its peer members and its leadership. Other peer groups that we have participated in have delivered only a fraction of those lessons, and little of the value.

What have you learned from a fellow TruPeer member that you continue to implement to this day?

A lesson we learned from a fellow TruPeer member that we still implement today is the need to work on your business, not in your business. As leaders, we feel we have to do everything. But as we talk through the framework, engage in each meeting, and analyze our data, this is what they call working on the business. This has been a valuable lesson that each day, we work closer and closer towards.

What does TruPeer mean to you?

TruPeer means opportunity and growth. Each valuable lesson, whether from a module, a webinar, a project, office hours, or a meeting, puts us one step closer to achieving our vision.

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