Unlock the Power of TruPeer in Your MSP

I believe that every MSP owner should be part of an industry peer group. While there are several great peer groups in our space, I think ours are the best (surprise, surprise) — and we’re now doing even more.

You probably already know this, but as a TruMethods member, you gain access to a wide variety of coaching groups and peer groups.

Now, as we as an organization evolve, it’s time for us to make the peer experience more accessible to TruMethods members and the MSP community as a whole.

That’s why we’ve launched TruPeer.

Here’s what makes TruPeer different from other industry peer groups:

  • Flexible in annual revenue requirements.
  • TruMethods mentoring is a key component.
  • TruPeer members follow the TruMethods Framework for building a top-performing MSP.
  • TruPeer members spend more time implementing and less time figuring things out.

Crafted to ensure MSPs maximize both sales growth and profitability potential, TruPeer combines the value of a traditional industry peer experience with mentoring, peer and accountability (what we like to call “menteerability”).

We’ll assign every TruPeer member to a pod made up of 6 to 10 other MSP owners from non-competing markets. Your pod members are there to hold you accountable for your actions as a business owner and share their key business metrics with you during peer benchmarking sessions.

TruPeer members will also dive deeper into industry topics when working on special projects by thoroughly conducting research and reporting back to the TruPeer peer group as a whole.

One of our goals with TruPeer is to get our members to follow through with what they need to do every quarter to meet their unique business goals. To help TruPeer members with acquiring and implementing new skill sets, every quarter has a theme centered on a specific business topic (e.g., sales and marketing, business planning, packaging and pricing, and service delivery process).

Our TruPeer program offers the following benefits:

  • Focused playbooks, training and process.
  • Three in-person meetings a year.
  • Group webinars outlining quarterly themes and monthly activities.
  • Monthly accountability calls with your peer members.

With TruPeer, our TruMethods experts provide you with the playbook for success, so you can focus your time on driving dramatic results.

Let’s go people! To learn more about TruPeer and the importance of peer groups for MSPs, listen to this webinar recording: The Power Of Peer: Discussing The Impact of TruPeer.

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