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Gary Said What?

I remember when I first started training MSPs and speaking at MSP events, probably around 2008 or 2009. At that time, many IT providers were trying to change from an hourly business model to a recurring revenue model. I told people they had to get to $150 a seat....

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Employee Burnout: What You Should Know

There’s been a lot of talk about employee burnout recently. With the labor shortage not getting any better, employers are demanding more from their employees, which is negatively impacting employee morale and productivity. Being able to identify employee burnout and prevent it from happening in the first place can...

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We’re Still Talking About Patching?

After 20 years, we’re still talking about patching. How is that possible? Recently on The CyberCall, a weekly MSP cybersecurity podcast, we discussed common threats and breaches. An Incident Response (IR) expert said that the majority of the breaches relate back to something being unpatched. We are talking patching!...

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