Well, Look at That — It’s Already Q2 2022

We always say that time moves quickly, and it does — it’s already Q2 2022. Notice how I noted the quarter, not the month?

A quarterly mindset is important in business. You should look at your business in four 13-week quarters. When you think about the business planning process, you have a long-term vision, three-year targets, an annual plan, and then your quarterly action plan (which is the only one with actions). That means you do all the other planning simply to determine what your priority should be for this quarter, and then hold yourself and your team accountable to execute on this.

In my last blog post, I asked if you were too busy to succeed. A quarterly mindset is the antidote. If you’ve been in business for a number of years, and it seems like your full potential is not being realized, a strong quarterly focus will help you with moving the needle.

Take time to review your Q1 results, sales profitability, and operational metrics. Then, look at your goals (what we at TruMethods call “rocks”) and your actions for the quarter. Did you complete them? If so, what adjustments will you make for Q2? Finally, determine your rocks for Q2.

This is the process we teach in our peer groups, and it has helped hundreds of MSPs fulfill their potential. Each quarter will pass with or without you having the right priorities and the accountability to complete them. The best part about a strong quarterly focus is that even if you fall short of accomplishing all your rocks, you will still move forward dramatically faster than if you didn’t have a quarterly focus.

The key is to prioritize the accountability process. Be sure that your accountability process and the rhythm that you have in place to stay accountable is your top priority.

It’s already Q2 2022. Don’t let another quarter go by treading water.

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