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Build strategic relationships with your customers with the most powerful and high value vCIO software platform.

myITprocess helps you cultivate profitable client relationships, uncover missed revenue opportunities and hold clients accountable with data-backed IT and budget roadmaps as well as client-ready executive reports.

In this eBook, learn about seven use cases from MSPs of how myITprocess has helped them be proactive, uncover missed revenue opportunities and eliminate technology risks.

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Why Your MSP Needs a Cybersecurity Response Plan

Find out why cybersecurity is so important and use our security checklist to make sure your MSP is ready

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MSPs have neglected to protect their own house while concentrating on providing solutions for their clients. MSPs are being targeted for the lack of security and it’s a threat that can no longer be ignored.

This ebook is specifically designed to give you the tools and knowledge to combat this cybersecurity threat. Learn how you can build a safe and secure business, that will generate more customers as a result.

The ebook highlights include:

  • Why cybersecurity needs to be a main priority for MSPs
  • How security is directly tied to business success
  • Why you need to have a cybersecurity plan in place
  • A cybersecurity checklist to evaluate your current situation

If you are looking to increase security and become a better MSP, you don’t want to miss out on this ebook!

Cybersecurity E-book 1-1

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How MSPs Should Implement Technology Standards

Discover what it truly means to become a proactive MSP

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All MSPs would like to have a higher level of standardization across their customer base. Standardization lowers support cost and reduces your customers risks. Standardization has become more important and more complicated as your customers security and compliance requirements have increased. Standards can be the key to increasing your perceived value with you customers and will foster a more strategic business relationship. Unlock the power to technology standards and learn how to implement them in your own business. 

In this eBook, you will learn to:

  • Understand what it means to be a truly proactive MSP
  • Implement standards in a unique way specific to your business
  • Make your standards come alive in your organization
  • Create strategic, long-term business relationships with all of your clients

If you’re looking to lower reactive noise, while adding more value to your MSP offering that you can use to scale your business more profitably, this is the eBook for you!

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