5 Sales Techniques Every MSP Salesperson Should Know

The TruMethods sales process is a framework we built from years of sales experience.

MSP sales success isn’t about buzzwords, magical closing techniques or Jedi mind tricks.

The TruMethods sales process is about truth, sincerity and belief. It’s about educating prospects and customers on how to look at technology, providing fresh perspectives and sticking to process.

The formula I use is simple: Belief+Process=Success.

If you believe in your offering, what you do and the TruMethods sales process (and stick to the guidelines around our sales process), you will achieve success 100 percent of the time. Specifically, your belief should be founded in proactive roles and process that deliver tangible results to your customers.

Our sales process includes a few sales techniques every MSP salesperson should know.

Paint a picture

When you sit down with prospects, find out where they are in terms of technology. Ask questions about their business and goals. Outline the results they’re receiving now. Then, using broad strokes — avoid providing specifics — paint a contrasting picture of what your customers results look like.

The issue’s not the issue

Prospects tend to “think” they know why they’re experiencing pain, but they’re usually wrong. The truth is this: Their issues always arise from flawed processes. Throughout the sales process, it’s your job as an MSP salesperson to train them to think about process. Do this to set yourself up for when you reveal your roles and processes during your presentation.

Let them sell you

Nobody wants to be sold. It you spend your time telling and selling the prospect, they will treat you like a salesperson. Instead, be curious. When you uncover pain, ask questions to clarify the issue and determine what the impact is on their business. Asking questions is how you lead customers to make the best decision. Get them to sell to you.

Don’t sell like you’re holding an egg

You can’t sell correctly if you go into every sales meeting like you’re holding an egg. Don’t let the fear of losing a sale take you off your game. You must find out what you need to know, so don’t be afraid to ask the tough questions. Use a defined sales process to keep your salespeople on the right track.

Find the core business decision

Within the first fifteen minutes or so of a first-time appointment (FTA) with a prospect, you should be asking questions about their business and technology to determine the core business decision the prospect needs to make. Finding the core business decision should be your top goal during every FTA you participate in. Once you discover this, get the prospect to agree with your assessment. Your prospect’s never going to make a switch if the core business decision isn’t agreed upon by both parties — it’s truly that simple.

I can promise you this: The TruMethods sales process will never steer you wrong if you follow it properly. Just using the techniques above will help you close more deals, generate more MRR and put you on the right path to becoming a Technology Success Provider (TSP).

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