Are You Ready For Selling Season?

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year: It’s selling season.  

From now until the end of the year, the climate to add new clients is optimal.  

TruMethods members are high performers, so they're adding new customers at the right price every quarter, but during selling season, sales increase for many businesses. 

There are several things you should know about selling season to maximize your results.  


Where did the year go? 

It’s simple: Many business leaders are now looking toward the end of 2019.  

They want to accomplish two things during Q4: finish 2019 strong and prepare for 2020. 

To achieve both goals, business leaders evaluate people, review processes and assess vendors, which is why many new MSP agreements will be signed over the next four months. 

I want you to get a piece of the action. 


Here’s how to maximize selling season 

First, review and reset your goals.  

Look at your 2019 sales goals for MRR and activity. Are you on track? If so, do yourself a favor and raise your goals. Sure, you’re doing great, but you could be doing better (a lot better).  

On the other hand, if you’re not on trackdetermine where you’re going wrong. Is activity down? Do you have enough first-time appointments (FTAs) lined up? What does your close ratio look like? 

While now’s the time to review assumptions and make adjustmentsbe realistic when looking at the numbers. For example, don't set a monthly goal of $3,000 in new MRR, and then miss it every month afterward. That’s not going to accomplish anything besides disappointing you and your sales team. 

Set goals that are aggressive but also rooted in reality. 


Are you focused on the warm lead process? 

Here’s the thing: You should always be focused on the warm lead process, but it's even more critical during selling season. 

Set activity goals around LinkedIn, Warm 250 dials, and new meetings — and stick to them. 

Selling season’s also a great time to review all the FTAs you've gone on the past 12-18 months to look for the ones that got away  

During my entire sales career, I've seen people just doing the basics and expecting top results. Here’s the truth: If you’re making 50 Warm 250 dials, it’s not much harder to make 100.  

Try doubling your recipe for a few months and see what happens to your results.  


Is your Technology Success process truly dialed-in? 

To get different results, you must do things differently. To get dramatically different results, you must do some things dramatically different. Try assessing your Technology Success process.  

Think about the following: 

  • Have you packed your offering with value?  
  • Can you create sales separation?  
  • Do you have dedicated proactive roles? 

For example, let’s break down the last item from the list above.  

Without dedicated proactive roles, MSPs can’t properly secure their customers. This is especially true in today's ever-changing threat landscape(That’s a leverage point for MSPs.) 

Remember this: New MRR sold in 2019 significantly impacts your 2020 revenue, so you’ve got little under four months to determine your sales results for 2019  and your business results for 2020.  

Take advantage of this year’s selling season by reviewing and resetting your goals, continuing to focus on warm leads, and reevaluating your Technology Success process.  

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