5 Service Delivery Topics You May Have Missed in 2020

We’ve always stressed the importance of Service Delivery areas communicating with one another. While each area has its own responsibilities, in order for you to service your customersefficiently and effectively, everyone needs to be in sync. We’ve seen the importance of this during the coronavirus crisis and learned many lessons as a result. 

Throughout the year, we’ve published a number of blogs on Service Deliveryand how it has evolved during the COVID-19 pandemic.Below are blog posts you should read in the beginning of 2021. 

Why TAM and vCIO Communication is Beneficial in MSPs

While it’s important for all roles in an MSP to communicate with each other, the Technology Alignment Manager (TAM) and Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) need to have very clear communication.They should be having meetings at regular intervals to discuss the Technology Success process regarding their shared clients for a variety of reasons.

Are You a Proactive vCIO, Reactive vCIO, or Just a vCO?

Being a truly proactive vCIO takes more than making a few basic recommendations about software renewals or hardware refreshes.A proactive vCIO provides high-level strategic advice to clients through the technical alignment process. How do you do this? You align your client’s technologies against your standards. Some examples of standards are legal and compliance requirements, security requirements, industry requirements, or business-specific requirements.

The COVID-19 Impact on MSP Delivery Areas

Every business is broken down into different sections.Every cog in the machine needs to work properly in order for the whole to be more than the sum of its parts. The MSP world is no exception, and every aspect of the system can be broken down into even smaller systems.The service desk in particular can be difficult to divide. Who does what?What is important to have its own department? 

Are You Maintaining the Essence of TAM During the COVID-19 Pandemic?

Every service delivery role has had to adapt during the COVID-19 pandemic, and the Technology Alignment Manager (TAM) is no different.The TAM (previously known as Net Admin) provides knowledge of the customer’s technology to the vCIO so a proper review of a customer’s IT environment can be completed. If you’re a TAM, have you been maintaining the essence of your role during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Are You Fulfilling the Essence of Your MSP Role?

Are you really doing everything in the scope of your position for your MSP’s customer? In the TAM and vCIOroles in particular, doing every facet of the role is incredibly important for the TruMethods model to work as well as it can.Luckily, what each of these roles do can easily fit on one graphic representation.

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