5 Things to Consider to Start 2023 Off Strong

We are a few weeks into 2023. Here are a few action items to complete to ensure this year is filled with positivity and growth.


Have a direct conversation with the prospects in your pipeline. Ask them if they’re going to buy. “Hey, we’ve been talking for a few months. Are you planning to move forward as we start 2023?” Also, review all the prospects that didn’t buy from you last year. Touch base with them, and you’ll find at least one opportunity.

Service delivery

Be sure to schedule any projects you can complete at the beginning of the year or before the end of Q1.


Make your employees a priority. If you planned on doing year-end reviews and still need to complete them, set aside time to do them in Q1. Communication with employees is vital to success in the new year.


Look at your 2022 plan and see how you did against your annual initiatives and goals. At this point, you should already have your 2023 business plan completed or close to completion. Don’t wait to start in February or March.

Time blocking

Now is a great time to use a time-blocking technique for your business and personal commitments. Look at your to-do list — both business and professional — and the remaining days, and block your time accordingly.

Let’s go people! Let’s start 2023 off strong.

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