Enhanced vCIO Workflow: Automated Roadmap Prioritization

Cut technology roadmap creation time by 50%

As a vCIO, creating client-facing roadmaps with prioritized technology gaps should be a breeze. It is the best way to show your clients how you are managing their IT infrastructure and what gets their buy-in on new services to ensure undisrupted operations.

We are thrilled to introduce a brand-new experience — Roadmap Prioritization — that cuts the time it takes to create roadmaps in myITprocess by 50%. It comes with an intuitive and simple workflow, and one of your client relationship-building tasks can now be completed faster and more efficiently to help you better serve your clients.

Automated roadmap prioritization

With roadmap prioritization, vCIO will only review the out-of-aligned technology gaps with the autocomplete logic. This means the vCIO will only be presented with a list of technology risks, automatically organized by priority. This allows you to easily add them to the IT roadmap by quarter.

This feature also automatically prioritizes your unaligned questions and keeps them ready for your review. You can then proceed to add them directly into the roadmap, all in the same window. With this improved workflow, you’ll be able to conduct more client reviews, ensure nothing falls through the cracks and increase revenue opportunities for your business.

Become a trusted advisor with IT roadmaps 

A customer-facing IT roadmap shows your clients IT risks identified in an easy-consumable format that is organized by quarters and priorities. This way, during QBRs, you can easily have a conversation with your clients about timelines and budgets in a simplified and logical way.

This allows you to stay ahead of rising issues before they turn into serious problems. Most importantly, it helps avoid taking your customers by surprise with future technology spending by keeping them in the loop. As a result, you can maintain an engaged relationship with your clients.

With IT roadmaps, you can be proactive and act as a trusted advisor by tying it to your client’s business goals and initiatives.

Create IT roadmaps 50% faster

Client-facing technology roadmaps are powerful tools, but that doesn’t mean they have to be complicated. With the new Roadmap Prioritization feature, IT roadmaps are easy and intuitive, in turn allowing you to give your clients your full attention.

For more information on this feature, check out our Knowledge Base. For more information on myITprocess, click here.

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