Charting My Journey: The Integral Role of Peer Groups in Shaping My Story

I’ve recently taken some time to reflect on the significant role Peer groups have played in my life and the ongoing value they hold for me.

I started participating in Peer groups when I owned an MSP many years ago. They helped me stay on the right track, hold myself accountable, and focus on what mattered as an MSP owner.

While I no longer operate an MSP, I still find Peer groups extremely helpful. In fact, I joined a local one not too long ago. I’ve been in this group for nearly a year and already developed strong personal bonds and gained invaluable perspectives, connections, and insights that have enriched various aspects of my life.

To get the most out of the group, I make it a point to attend every meeting and come well-prepared. Before each meeting, I review updates from others and jot down notes on insights I can offer — aiming to give more than I receive. I also try to be a good listener and thoughtful about my comments.

I’m on the Peer group’s membership committee. Serving in this capacity allows me to interact with potential members, distinguishing those who share a genuine interest in contributing from those merely seeking to take. This role has also deepened my understanding of managing our TruMethods Peer groups effectively.

Above all, I’m thankful for the role that Peer groups have had and continue to have on my journey. Consider joining one if you haven’t already done so. We all stand to gain from a bit of support.

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